Pick This House for the Pun Potential? Gnome, Sweden’t

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Photos courtesy Länsförsäkringar Fastighetsförmedling AB (say that five times fast)

Do you like gnomes? Do you feel like seeing a gnome or three and maybe learn about Sweden? No matter, you will after we’re done with you today.

Today, we travel to Sweden, and not just Frisco or Grand Prairie Sweden, but Sweden-Sweden.

Why? A friend-of-the-show sent a link to an Instagram post by Cheap Old Houses to the former author of the Wednesday WTF, who forwarded it to me.

Now, it’s not particularly easy to find real estate listings in Sweden, but yours truly persisted and prevailed. Dear readers, meet Näs Trollhagen, located in Svanskog, Sweden.

Näs Trollhagen, roughly translated thanks to Google because no, I don’t know Swedish, means Nose Troll Garden. I’m 90 percent sure that something got lost in that translation, but the Swedish are quirky so it could be completely correct, too.

That being said, this house is adorable. It’s a one-and-a-half-story villa that overlooks sjön Mellan-Svan, or Lake Mellan-Swan if you don’t know Swedish, and apparently there is mushroom picking to be had.

Unless, of course, again, it’s gotten lost in translation. Google swears “och svampplockning,” means “mushroom picking.”

It’s about 1,292 square feet, with three bedrooms, and is full of delightful little details and murals.

Upstairs, there are two bedrooms.

Downstairs, there is a kitchen “with floral wallpaper,” and well, this.

A large living room. A large living room that has been turned into a gnome habitat.

We warned you there’d be gnomes. It’s a thing.

Apparently, this is the living room. Only there’s nowhere to sit because it’s for gnomes.

If you want to buy this house, and you really should on account of all the gnomes and the svampplockning to be had, you can check out the full listing here.

You must let us know about your new home in Sweden, and all the gnomes.


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