Well, Unique Is One Word For It, We Suppose

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uniqueChurch conversions — well, done church conversions, that is — are always fun. Move the pews out of the way, take advantage of the stained glass and the high ceilings, and really create something unique.

Or, you can create something really, really unique.

There have been plenty of church conversions on CandysDirt.com. Many are downright gorgeous.

But this is Wednesday and even though I’m new here, we all know what Wednesday means. Wednesday means something entirely different.

Are you ready?

Are you certain you’re ready?

And just in case you think this would be the extent of the things you have questions about, may I show you the hot tub time machine …

… and the crotch-level toilet stained glass window?

This uh, unique, church conversion in Philipsburg, Montana, has been on the market for 687 days according to its Realtor.com listing. Built in 1900, it is on the historic register, and has three bedrooms, two cabins, four bathrooms, two kitchens, several decks, and hot tubs — that’s right, multiple hot tubs for your human stewing pleasure.

Interested? The listing has so many more photos. And tell us — keeper or no?

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Adlene Neely Dealey

Adlene has been a real estate writer for the better half of a decade, but only recently came to CandysDirt.com to write our Wednesday WTF column. Have a doozy of a listing not fit for public consumption? She wants to see it.

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