No Stones To Throw At This Oak Cliff Glass House In The Woods

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A glass house in the woods sounds like the kind of place where dreams come true.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom Dallas home at 2636 Gladiolus Lane could be the place where a novel is finished. It could be the site of a reception for a young, up-and-coming artist. It could definitely be a scary movie set – or a romantic comedy, if that’s more your taste. It already has been the site where a patented six-suit deck of cards was created and a real estate business was launched.

This unique property in the Oak Cliff area is available for rent by DeCarla Anderson, a Realtor and Broker with Dave Perry-Miller.

A glass house in the woods sounds like the kind of place where dreams come true.

“I love it,” Anderson said. “It’s my dream house. I found it in 2013 just as the market turned. There were multiple offers on it, so I went to battle and I won it. I dreamed about that house years before and when I stood in it for the first time, I had déjà vu. I’m very attached to it.”

So why, you ask, would she move out of this house of dreams?

“I met the love of my life in 2015 and he has a son,” she explained. “We need three bedrooms, but I’m just not quite ready to sell it.”

She plans to ask $3,800 per month to rent the home, which will include lawn service, trash collection, and septic maintenance.

“It’s my baby, so I’m going to be hands-on,” she said. “It’s a unique property, so we hope the tenants will enjoy their time in this space.”

The ideal renter is probably someone new to the area, trying to determine whether Oak Cliff is right for them, Anderson said. And in keeping with the European proverb, the ideal renter also should also probably not throw stones.

Sweet Dreams

The 1,835-square-foot mid-century modern home sits on a heavily wooded 1.3-acre lot and was one of the first six houses built in the Brettonwoods neighborhood. It was built in 1950 around a three-sided fireplace and features 39 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows.

While Anderson has not been able to identify the builder or architect, she knows that Ralph and Peggy Peterson were former owners of the home. Ralph Peterson invented a six-suit set of playing cards for bridge, featuring 2636 Gladiolus Lane on the ace of spades.

“Gladiolus Lane lends itself to a lot of creative types,” Anderson said. “It’s got a lot of character and charm.”

The Realtor herself started her dream career in that home and now uses the glass house as her business logo.

“This house still has my soul,” she said.

Nearby Amenities

Schools in the area include Webster and Carpenter elementary schools, Browne and Holmes middle schools, Kimball High School, a charter school, and two Catholic private schools. The site is less than 10 miles from downtown Dallas and just over four miles from the Bishop Arts District.

“We do most of our grocery shopping online, but there’s a Kroger and a Tom Thumb nearby,” Anderson said. “I feel like I’m not in Dallas anymore when I’m there. It feels like Central Texas to me. I wanted a condo in Dallas and a lake house for the weekends. When I walked into this property I was like, ‘This feels like both.'”

Want to see more? Contact DeCarla Anderson.


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