First Look: Hall Arts Residences Penthouse of Craig And Kathryn Hall

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On Monday, we gave you a hip-pocket sneak peek at the Turtle Creek corridor home of Dallas billionaire businessman and developer Craig Hall, and his extraordinary wife, Kathryn.

Now we are going to tell you where they are moving: Hall Arts Residences, of course!

Hall Arts Residences is the newest, sleekest, most art-loving and luxury-exuding condo project ever built in Dallas to date. I might even invoke the word exclusive because there will be only 48 units. And while each new successive luxury high rise sends shivering shockwaves of taking one giant leap further in terms of amenities, luxury, and design, Hall Arts Residences absolutely rises to the top.

No. 1 attribute: Location.

Perched in the heart of the Dallas Arts District — the largest contiguous arts district in the nation — Hall Arts Residence (HAR) would permit you to hear a symphony in your kitchen if the walls were not so intensely sound insulated. Better yet, it opens in 2020, less than a year from now.

A Healthier Building

HAR also offers one other 21st-century component never before seen in DFW: Wellness.

I recall having lunch with the late, great Realtor Carolyn Shamis. Will never forget her — the queen of Turtle Creek condo sales in her day. At lunch, downtown, she told me how, in the throes of her illness, she actually tested the air in units she was selling for her clients. Many of them flunked, she told me. Dallas air downtown, she said, was not healthy. I tucked that story away for use in the future, thinking someone surely is going to create a building with clean air, air free from allergens, pollutants, fumes, and pollen.

Craig Hall, Chairman of HALL Group and developer of Hall Arts Residences, has done just that at these spectacular luxury condos.

“We care about health tremendously,” he told me. “Hall Arts Residents is the first WELL-certified multifamily building in the state of Texas. Fresh, purified air is pumped into the building daily.”

To achieve the certification, Hall Arts Residences implemented advanced building technologies including multilevel air filtration, walls that mitigate noise transfer (no symphony but a restful, peaceful night’s sleep), a sound-reducing membrane installed in the floors, on-site fitness facilities including massage rooms with the same filtered air, light-optimal interior design palettes created by Emily Summers to relax your mind, and an environment infused with beauty and inspiring art to stimulate it.

“A focus on health and wellness has become a key feature of today’s luxury residential developments,” said Hall, who took it a step or two further at Hall Arts Residences: it will be, he says, the most innovative, health-driven environment available in the market.

It will also be one of the smartest, and we are not just talking Alexa. He says the shell homes on floors 20 through 28, which include the two-story penthouse at HAR, will be raised by two feet over the actual surface floor, permitting way easier renovation flexibility.

“In most high rises, you have to go to the neighbor below to seek permission to get into their ceiling,” said Hall. “By building HAR from scratch, we had lots more flexibility, and fewer compromises, to take it to this next level.”

Taking it further is what Craig Hall is all about, be it real estate or wine. This is the Michigan transplant who, in 1968, used $4,000 as a down payment on a small student rooming house in his university hometown of Ann Arbor, Mich. It was money he had saved from mowing lawns, odd jobs, and selling my favorite Cutco Knives.

“I did a lot of things that were unimaginable to make a living and make ends meet,” he recalled. “I managed property for someone who literally once a month would pull a gun on me and ask if I was stealing. I managed anything and everything that would pay me cash flow.”

In 1978, U.S. health care was just beginning to change: Hall invested in the second for-profit HMO in the country:$111,000 turned into $35 million. He relocated to Dallas with 5,000 employees and at least $3 billion in real estate and other interests.

But it was the city’s home airline that almost did him in: Hall lost $500 million on American Airlines stock before the airline filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

You could really call Craig Hall a Texas real estate miracle, because he came back from each debacle, every time, with flying colors. He restructured $500 million in loans. He bought in downtown Dallas when the market was soft, sold high, and kept scooping up “depressed” buildings. He looked northward before anyone fathomed the Cowboys would move to 91 acres in Frisco, or Toyota would plunk their world headquarters in Plano.

And though he has a private plane, Craig Hall has still flown on American.

He bought the Arts District dirt in 1995 to house not only his company but his future wellness-centered residences and hotel. Which is where he and Kathryn will make their forever new home as soon as it is finished.

“By far this will be the most luxurious high rise in Dallas, with a distinctly urban feel,” said Hall. “There are so many hidden extra costs in owning and maintaining a home — this will be totally maintenance-free.”

HAR’s tower will be 28 stories tall, a prime location, not just walking distance to the Winspear Opera House, the Wyly Theatre and the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center plus district museums and at least eight great restaurants: residents can almost hop over.

Units will start at $2 million. Owners will have use of an infinity-edged pool that looks like you are swimming right over the opera house; a wine room to reserve with complete catering kitchen. And since the building is dedicated to wellness, yes, there will be wine and wine storage.

“You can have 30 people for dinner here and look out over the opera,” said Hall. “Wine lockers will be available in a glassed-in wine cellar.”

As for the Halls’ new home, it will be a two-story unit and double, at least, the square footage of their current Plaza II home. It will also feature many plusses, including a private, glassed-in wine cellar.

“I like the idea of being right in the Arts District,” said Hall. “Plus it’s 50 steps to my office (in the building next door). Friends have joked I could just put a rope between the two buildings and swing right over.”

No way: he would vastly prefer taking in the accouterments of his creation’s architectural art, plus the actual art to be displayed: local and international art pieces much like the fabulous collection at their present home — which comes with them — taken to the next level at both the residences and the new Hall Arts Hotel next door, scheduled for completion in fall 2019. The luxury hotel just snagged Oprah Winfrey’s private chef Eric Dreyer, a North Texas native, to lead Ellie’s, named after Craig’s mother. Hall Arts Hotel opens this fall.

“I really hope our condo sells quickly because we will just live in the hotel until our penthouse is ready,” said Hall. “This is going to be an incredible hotel, with unbelievable services and a curated special art collection.”

It’s like a new Mansion, says Craig Hall.

Or, we daresay, better.

Hall Arts Hotel guest room
Hall Arts Hotel lobby
Hall Arts Hotel ballroom

To see more about Hall Arts Residences, click here.


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