Janis Forse Wells Joins Ebby’s Little White House

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Janis Forse Wells (right) will now be working with her daughter Betsy Carlton Cameron.

After spending the past 18 years at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, Janis Forse Wells has teamed up with the Ebby Halliday Little White House.  She joins her daughter Betsy Carlton Cameron, who manages the office. However, Wells says that alone would not have been enough to make her switch.

“I love my daughter and I respect her. Everybody assumes that’s why I came here but it’s really not,” she said. “I took a look at the changes that are occurring n the Dallas/Fort Worth market and made a decision based on my analysis.”

She liked the fact that Ebby Halliday is a strong American company that’s in good financial standing. Wells was impressed by the Ebby Halliday Companies CEO Chris Kelly, who she believes is a young and vibrant leader that has brought lots of positive change. After meeting with him a couple of times, she came away excited about the direction he is taking the company.

“I really look at it as a hard business decision. It’s hard to leave a firm that you’ve been with for 18 years,” she said. “For me, the opportunities for an agent businesswise and the support we receive here at Ebby are amazing.”

Wells has been active in North Dallas for decades. The biggest change she’s seen over the course of her career has been social media and the amount of information that clients now have access to. She likes that fact that she can now reach so many people, and that clients have multiple research tool at their disposal.  However, she also cautions that these tools are no substitute for one-on-one personal interactions.

“When push comes to shove you really need an agent not only for negotiations but also to make sure that you have accurate information to make your decisions and help with the technicalities of contracts as well as dealing with all the different entities involved,” she said. “That hasn’t changed and won’t change.”

One additional benefit that Wells says she thoroughly enjoys is working in the Little White House building at the convergence of the Park Cities and Preston Hollow. She loves the fact that the building so accessible, and clients feel like they are walking into a home. And don’t expect Wells to slow down any time soon. She still loves helping people and hasn’t even considered doing anything else.

“I have to do this.  It’s in my blood,” she said. “I’ve always told my clients that you have a dream, and my job is to help you fulfill that dream.”

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