Jenni Stolarski Team Joins Compass Real Estate

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Team JenniSto members Miranda Ashley, Jenni Stolarski, and Emily Ruth Cannon

After a decade with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, Jenni Stolarski has joined Compass real estate.

“It was a hard decision because we had been at Briggs Freeman a long time and had gotten used to the support that we had,” she said. “On the other hand, when the technology and the marketing services and support staff that were offered to us were laid out in full, it was pretty clear what decision was going to be best for our clients.”

Stolarski has been in real estate since 2004. Her primary focus is the Oak Cliff area, where she has consistently been a top performer.  She makes it a priority to stay involved in the neighborhood by participating in events and community sponsorships. She and her team are also passionate about supporting area schools.

And make no mistake- it is a team that is coming to Compass. Stolarski was adamant that she would not have made the move by herself. Joining her will be longtime team members, Emily Ruth Cannon and Miranda Ashley. Known as “Team JenniSto” the trio has formed a tight working relationship and enjoy lots of laughs while doing their jobs.

“I never would have gone anywhere without Emily Ruth and Miranda,” Stolarski said. “We are a unit and we travel as a pack”

According to Cannon, Ashley is the ship that keeps the team going. She is responsible for handling many of the administrative functions and helping everyone stay on track.

Cannon met Stolarski while volunteering for a PTA nonprofit group. When she left her previous career to start a family, Stolarski asked if she would like to be an assistant on her team.  After working closely together (or “sharing a brain” as Cannon puts it) for several years, Stolarski suggested she get her real estate license. Cannon soon established a sizable client base of her own

“Jenni and I complement each other and back each other up,” Cannon said. “We have fun and really enjoy it.  We like to stay positive about everything we are doing.”

Going forward, Stolarski believes that the new brokerage affiliation will allow them to streamline their work and reach a greater segment of the market. She anticipates leveraging that to its full potential.

“We are in growth mode at this point and are just super stoked to see where this technology and marketing takes us,” she said.

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