Selden Tual Hits the Ground Running at The Standard

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Local agent Selden Tual joined The Standard Real Estate. He said that he was impressed with how The Standard is embracing openness and “pushing the envelope” in the market. He added that the brokerage’s long-term vision of using technology to make the market better for consumers and agents aligned with his.

“I think getting to work with people that you know and trust was something that I was really interested in,” Tual said. “That’s the kind of culture that I want to be around and I’m excited to contribute.”

Tual hails from Memphis, but moved to Dallas about a decade ago. After dabbling in music while in college, he worked in the service industry for a time but could not decide where to go from there.  Some of his colleagues had mentioned going into real estate so he decided to give that a try.  He hasn’t looked back since.

“I feel like Dallas is a great place to be in real estate and I got in at the right time,” Tual said. “I’ve enjoyed trying to navigate all of the ships in the market and learning all of the different aspects.  It’s been really enjoyable.”

Tual has sold single-family residential as well as condominiums and townhomes.  While that is likely to remain his primary focus, he would like to pursue multi-family units in the future. Over the past few years, he’s found himself in all corners of North Texas and has enjoyed getting out of his comfort area and learning about neighborhoods he was not familiar with before.

As for his future, Tual said the thing he loves most about real estate building relationships and learning something new every day. He stays motivated because, as he puts it, there’s always a new aspect, new neighborhood or new client to keep things from getting stale. Now is his excited about his next chapter in the business

“We’re hitting the spring market with a bang and I’m currently partnering on eight listings, seven of which are new builds so we’re excited about marketing that in new and innovative ways,” he said.

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