Kelly Gurnee is Excited To Be Back in Dallas

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Seattle transplant Kelly Gurnee recently joined Clay Stapp + Co. He’d spent the past three and a half years at Gurnee & Associates, a firm in his hometown started by his brother.

This is actually Gurnee’s second stint in Dallas. In 2009 he helped build a dental group that a friend started. For the six years, he oversaw 10 offices and was responsible for many of their business operations. When his friend sold the group in 2015, he returned to Seattle where they hoped to repeat the same business model in a new location. Gurnee ultimately elected to dive in real estate and hang up dental for the time being.

“I did really well but I wanted to get back to Texas all along,” he said. “If I’d had my way I probably wouldn’t have moved back. I met a lot of good people here.”

One of the people he met was Clay Stapp, who told him there would be a spot available able should he ever return. Gurnee took him up on the offer and moved his family to Frisco. For the past few months he has helped Stapp with some side projects as he worked to get his Texas license. He became official in February, and is excited get back to the job he loves in the city he never wanted to leave.

“I really got to love the South in general. The people are different and a lot kinder here,” he said. “Seattle will always be home but Texas is tough to beat.”

Gurnee is no stranger to working in an intense environment. His time in Seattle was one of that market’s craziest eras. Competition was fierce, with many buyers paying well above list price and forgoing all contingencies in order to close a deal. He sees Dallas as the better market for him and is looking forward to helping clients throughout the area.

“Things are going good,” Gurnee said. “I’m super excited to be back and connecting with everybody that I was in touch with before.”

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