Agent Migration: Gia Marshello Settles in; Jeremy Moore Makes a Move

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In this week’s Agent Migration column, we check in with Gia Marshllo, who joined Allie Beth Allman late last year, and Jeremy Moore who joined the Hewitt & Habgood Group in February. Did you make a big move? Contact Joshua Baethge.

Gia Marshello Staying Busy at Allie Beth Allman

Gia Marshello is enjoying life at Allie Beth Allman & Associates. The 15-year Dallas real estate mainstay moved to the firm in December.

“I just saw more opportunity here,” Marshello said. “Allie Beth was expanding their market share, they were growing and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Throughout her career Marshello has sold a mix of historic homes and newer properties. She’s also sold duplexes and high rises. So far 2019 has been one of her busiest years. She works out of the Allie Beth Lakewood office and has seen people coming in at a faster rate than ever before.

“It’s great to be here and I’m looking forward to expanding and growing my business personally and professionally,” she said.

Jeremy Moore Settling in at Hewitt & Habgood

Oak Cliff-based agent Jeremy Moore has joined the Hewitt & Habgood Group, a member of the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Intown team.

“They’re just a really great team,” he said. “They have a huge production level and I just knew it would be a great opportunity to join them.”

Moore said that he started in real estate three years ago.

“I’ve learned a lot in that time,” he added. “In my first year I sold two homes. The second year I sold 36.”

He credits his rapid growth to watching what people before him have done and learning from them. He also began targeting specific neighborhoods, which he says really helped launch his business.

Working in Oak Cliff is one of the things Moore enjoys most about his job. According to him, the influx of people and development is exciting but the neighbors are what make it special.

“The cool thing about Oak Cliff is the neighborhoods are truly neighborhoods like they used to be,” he said. “You know your neighbors,  you do stuff together and really know who lives there. That’s what great about working and living here.”

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