Lyn Williams Joins Longtime Friend, Mark Godson, at Britannia Group

Lyn Williams is ebullient. Even with her jam-packed schedule, she was able to fit me in for a few minutes to share about a huge change in her career of 16 years — joining Mark Godson and Catherine Thorpe-Lambert at Compass’ Britannia Group.

As you’ve read here on, Godson and Thorpe-Lambert have launched their new group with one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the nation. The brand reflects the “Town and Country,” upscale energy of the pair, which is equally embraced by Williams.

“Mark, with his energy, is an incredible person,” Williams said. “I’ve been thinking about my future, and when Mark asked me if I wanted to join him with the Britannia Group, there was no hesitation.”

Before becoming a Realtor, Williams climbed the corporate ladder as a finance manager.

“I left a position of executive vice president with another firm to join Britannia Group at Compass,” she said.

It wasn’t just Godson’s personality, talent, and passion for the business that attracted Williams to the company, though, as she found Compass’ business model especially appealing.

“I needed a fresh start, and Compass is certainly that,” Williams said. “This company is one of the only companies that is actually working toward the future — they are the only brokerage firm that is taking on the direction our industry is heading. They’re not just reacting to it.”  

And as far as Williams is concerned, she’s set up for success with both Compass and the Britannia Group.

“I’ve never been a part of any organization so energizing, and it helps us serve our clients more effectively,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”