The cost: less than Detroit, about the same as Austin or San Jose

The speakers could not tell me that a stronger board would reduce the lawsuits against the city, currently 38, nor lower that $11.5 millions in settlement costs

The coalition recommended that citizens have a way to file complaints about officers online and in-person, which now can be done on the DPD website.

But the coalition felt  true strength would come from citizenry subpoena and investigative powers, and the power to override police Internal Affairs investigations and outcomes. And that is the part that concerned most citizens at Tuesday night’s meetings.

Best comment of the evening came from a West Texas man who said he was of Indian origin, hence a member of “the originally mistreated American population”. He said he had always  been respectful when stopped by police as a young man. Therefore he had never had problems with police. He said he was concerned with the lack of respect in society for police in effect, and he asked why it wasn’t possible to overlook what was “PC” and work together for the good of America. He voiced concern that if society continues to thrash police, we may have fewer left… as is the clear case in the city of Dallas right now.

Though the evening was late, and everyone may have wanted to go home, the applause for his comment might have been loudest.