Dallas Number 6 in List of Cities Attracting New Residents

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DallasFrom staff reports

Dallas remains a go-to destination for many moving in from out of state, coming in at number six in a recent analysis of census data and migration trends.

Americans are moving to new states at a fairly rapid clip, despite the fact that only about 11 percent moved to new homes last year — and there hasn’t been a lower rate in the 70 years the government has been recording that data, a new report from Realtor.com revealed.

But while the number of people migrating from state to state might be reduced, “the country is still going through a period of profound migration,” the report said.

The company’s data team looked at trends and found that while Americans went to where the work is (even if it was a larger city) during the last recession, they began looking for more affordable locations once the economy began to rebound. Cities like New York and Los Angeles became pricier, and cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas became more attractive.

“Right now the numbers are showing [people moving] to the West and South, and away from the Northeast and Midwest,” demographer Ken Gronbach of KGC Direct told Realtor.com. “Cities where taxes are low and housing [costs are] reasonable will see a huge influx of people over the next five to 10 years.”

Dallas, according to the analysis, seems to be attracting the bulk of its new residents from California.

This year, a report from RentCafe also pointed out North Texas locations were becoming hot spots for in-country migration, with Denton County coming in second on the list, and Collin County number six. Denton’s domestic population increased by 96,000 residents, and Collin County had 86,000.


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