Alleged Democrat Bomber’s Home Was Foreclosed On By Treasury Secretary’s Bank

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Alleged bomber Sayoc (right) making America great again. (Source: Facebook)

Turns out Cesar Sayoc, the person now (so far) charged with five federal crimes for allegedly sending 13 pipe bombs to various Democrats apparently had a bigger bone to pick with Republicans. While no specific motive has been ascribed yet, here’s one …

Sayoc’s Florida home was foreclosed on in 2009 by IndyMac (later OneWest Bank). When IndyMac failed, it was bought by a group of investors including Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin who served as IndyMac/OneWest’s chairman and CEO.   Other investors included George Soros (who got a bomb), hedge-fund manager John Paulson, former Goldman Sachs executive J. Christopher Flowers, and Michael Dell. Funny how the lone Democrat got a bomb.

IndyMac/OneWest was also a key player in the robo-signing scandal that enveloped bank-owned MERS. Sayoc’s foreclosure paperwork was signed by OneWest lawyer Erica Johnson-Seck, who was a central figure on robo-signing, testifying that she signed more than 750 documents a week for OneWest.

Sayoc’s story (and his long arrest record) is a sad reminder of the scars that remain from the Great Recession. What’s telling is that he somehow only appears to hold Democrats accountable. The van used by Sayoc was covered in Trump stickers and his Facebook page shows him wearing a MAGA hat. 

You don’t have to make the sad truth up.


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  1. Jim C says

    This article should have never been published in Candy’s Dirt. I don’t read it for your political opinions, and find this unsupported conclusion “apparently had a bigger bone to pick with Republicans” highly offensive. From everything published so far, there are no facts, or even a hint, from which you can draw your conclusion. It’s simply an attempt at false equivalency. I read Candy’s Dirt every day, and have enjoyed EVERY thing I’ve ever read therein, until today. Please stay in your lane.

  2. mmCandy Evans says

    There are extremist nut jobs in both parties. Was just saying the other day that in Dallas city politics, the Dems seem to be the ones getting indicted. But I’m sure corruption and stupidity knows no party exclusive affiliation.

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