Dilbeck Renovated Ranch on Lakewood’s Blue Fair Lake

Dilbeck Renovated Ranch
Our Saturday Six Hundred is a lovely Charles Dilbeck renovated ranch at 6731 Lakefair Circle, and it perfectly illustrates the name of the neighborhood.

We seldom think about why a neighborhood carries a particular name. Lakewood seems straightforward enough. It’s near White Rock Lake, and it’s heavily wooded. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are lovely little lakes throughout the neighborhood. This is because the only access to these little oases is from the back of each house. This Dilbeck renovated ranch is one of 24 houses on Blue Fair Lake, a private spring-fed lake.

“Each homeowner owns the water,” Allie Beth Allman listing agent Annamari Lannon said. “We have a voluntary HOA, and we have become very close because we want to make sure our lake stays pretty.”

Lannon knows a thing or two about the culture of lake living because this lovely Dilbeck renovated ranch is her home.

“We are only the second owners of the house,” Lannon said. “It was built in 1952, and the original homeowners were beloved by the neighborhood. Their grandchild lived across from us for 10 years, and we heard many stories about life in this house. When we purchased it as newlyweds 12 years ago, all of the original 1950s décor was intact, including the pink tiled bathroom!”

It might surprise our readers to know that the builder is Charles Dilbeck because he is not particularly known for ranch style houses. This one has none of the obvious Dilbeck characteristics except a built-in bookcase, but it is most certainly a Dilbeck home. Preservation Dallas has the following to say about Dilbeck that might come as a surprise:

Dilbeck differed from many architects of his time in that he did not design with only one style or work solely for the rich. His architectural approach ranged from small cottages to large houses to roadside motels, which made him a master of manipulating styles. Dilbeck’s projects have been defined as “informal and whimsical,” characteristics rarely reflected in serious architecture. His portfolio included commissioned estate houses in Preston Hollow and Bluffview, but the majority of his work fulfilled the middle-class American dream of homeownership employing creativity and going beyond the traditional red brick box.

To suit the needs of a modern family, Lannon opened up the 1,788-square-foot floor plan and renovated the two-bedroom, two- bathroom, one-half-bath house. She and her husband also created some new traditions when they moved in.

“We rescued a kayak that had washed up on White Rock Lake one day and started to use it. We thought kayak races would be a fun activity for the Fourth of July,” she said. “Since our house is located in the middle of the lake, it was the perfect start and finish line. We would start at noon, and the race always went until midnight!”

“Of course, you’re on water so in a race you usually end up in the lake, and boy is that natural spring water cold!” she added.
Dilbeck Renovated Ranch

Dilbeck Renovated Ranch

Dilbeck Renovated Ranch

Dilbeck Renovated Ranch

Lannon is going to miss her lovely Dilbeck renovated ranch, but with three kids, it’s time for a larger home.

“I did not want to add on, because it’s such a special house just the way it is,” Lannon said.  “It’s so peaceful to look out at the water every day. The street is quiet because it’s on a circle and we have very little traffic, which is great for dogs and children. We are very close to our neighbors because of the lake. We have our own special bond and it’s going to be hard to leave.”

Lannon has this little slice of heaven listed for $675,000.


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