Blackline Renovations Works Hard to Keep Ahead of the Competition

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From left: Blackline Renovations Office Manager Jennifer Holloway, President Chris Black, Project Manager Taff Welborn and Interior Designer Jenifer Wiley. Wiley, the owner of J. Wiley Designs, is also Black’s wife.

Blackline Renovations founder and president Chris Black says that one of his biggest challenges these days is standing out from the crowd. By his count, there are more than 3,500 remodeling companies in Dallas alone.

“Demand is high but so is the sheer numbers of remodelers in the business,” he said. “We see new names popping up on signs all the time.”

Maintaining visibility now requires a constant online presence, with professionals working to ensure the company message is heard.  It’s a far cry from the basic website Black paid $300 to set up when he first started out in the early 2000s.

“I don’t even remember how bad it used to be but I’m sure it was pretty bad,” he said.

Of course attracting attention is only the beginning. Keeping clients happy and building the business through word-of-mouth is critical. Black says that the key for him is communication, or even over communication. At Blackline, he’s worked to develop systems that ensure clear communication and take care of clients better than they expect.

Winning awards is one way to attract attention. Last year, Blackline earned national recognition when it took home two NARI CotY Awards for its renovation of a 3500 square-foot two story home.

“It was pretty much the most rewarding project we’ve done in terms of what it looked like and how it turned out,” Black said.

Black, who has an extensive background in construction, said that if he were to go back to school now, he would probably study industrial engineering. His most important responsibility these days is managing information, figuring out how to coordinate multiple moving parts in the most efficient way possible. His goal as always is to develop better ways to serve his clients and keep them happy — a challenge he thoroughly loves.

“I enjoy construction and that’s in my blood, but what I really like is figuring out from a company standpoint what is a better way do these things,” he said. “If I can figure out a way to do it faster and better, I can do more with less and provide a better value for the client. And that’s why they hire us.”

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