Visual Take-Aways from NAREE18, New Horizons in Real Estate

So  much information was jam-packed into last week’s National Association of Real Estate Editor’s Spring Conference. Bethany, Jon and I were all in attendance and working to bring you what we learned. Throughout this week, I’ll post what I thought were some of the most significant graphs. The biggest take-aways: disruption, i-buyers, availability, affordability, technology, and experience in home selling and buying. Change is happening, and it is happening in media as well as real estate. For the first time, consumer journalists are paying attention to the way the BUSINESS of real estate is changing: that’s no longer a B to B story. The consumer wants and deserves a better real estate experience.

Best quote from David Mele at technology will not replace the real estate agent, but technology enabled real estate agents will replace the non-technology enabled real estate agents. Stay tuned for more.