The Mortgage Report: Trump’s Proposed Tariffs Send Shockwaves Through Housing Market

The Trump administration announced a proposal for tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, sending shockwaves through the housing market. With tariffs on Canadian lumber already driving up the cost of some types of housing, new tariffs on aluminum and steel could increase the overall cost for a new home even more. How will that affect homebuyers? Find out right now with the Mortgage Report by our most-trusted home loan expert, Bob Johnson (AKA BobMortgage), the senior mortgage adviser with the nation’s oldest private lender Wallick & Volk.

With more than 20 years of experience helping buyers find the right loan solutions for their home, BobMortgage can help you make sense of the complicated mortgage market. Should you lock or float? Find out in this week’s Mortgage Report presented by Wallick & Volk.