Aldredge House Special Use Permit Amended, Approved by Dallas City Council

endangered places

Located in the city’s first residential historic district, the Aldredge House made the 2015 list for endangered places in Dallas. All photos: Preservation Dallas

Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston flexed his mighty negotiation skills and made peace for the folks who live on Swiss Avenue and the Dallas County Medical Alliance, owners of Aldredge House.

As you know, it’s been quite a tussle. The neighbors contested the continued use of the house for meetings and programs. The Dallas County Medical Society Alliance (DCMSA) felt the special use permit was too restrictive.

This afternoon, in Council Chambers, Kingston made a motion to approve the City Plan Commission-crafted PD and SUP with some modifications and Kingston’s motion passed. The whole thing took about five minutes. Councilman Dwaine Carraway, acting as Mayor in place of the absent Mayor Rawlings, said “there, we fixed Aldredge House.”

Here are the modifications. The SUP stands, restricting the number of events per year at the house after 5:00 pm to 36 per year with three events allowed per month. But only two must be non-consecutive, as opposed to all three before. Evening events may now operate until 10:00 pm, instead of 9:00 pm, and fundraising events for the house are included as a permitted use when they weren’t before.

The SUP expires in 2021 and must be reviewed at that time before renewal.

David Dean, a neighbor and civic leader, said the neighborhood didn’t get everything they wanted, the DCMA didn’t get everything they wanted. Thus it was a good deal.

Afterwards, the DCMSA said they are committed to working within the guidelines passed today for the continued operation of Aldredge House.

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