The Best of Tarrant County Tuesday in 2017


Another year of Tarrant County Tuesday is coming to a close.  In the words of the Grateful Dead song, “What a long strange trip it’s been.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the homes, neighborhoods and issues I’ve presented in this weekly blog for 2017.  It has been my utmost pleasure helping to showcase the spectacular real estate in Tarrant (and Parker) County.  Now for some awards … remember, no wagering please!

The Most Tranquil View of Tarrant County Award

153 Crown Ridge Court easily had the best view for 2017.

This was a tough one because so many homes had spectacular views.  The winner of the Best View in Tarrant Country 2017 goes to 153 Crown Ridge Court.  The home is located West of Fort Worth, sits high on a hill which allows for breath taking views of Texas for miles and miles

The Room I’d Want to Hang Out Award

Yes the home was beautiful and very well presented, but the reason that 2234 Hurley in the Fairmount neighborhood of Fort Worth wins this award — the third floor dedicated to Star Wars figurines … a dream come true for this Gen X’er.

Yes, the home was fantastic but this is the room of 2234 Hurley Avenue that I’d spend hours and hours in if I could.


The Best Wine Cellar Award

This one was actually more difficult than you’d imagine.  There were many attractive wine rooms featured in 2017 — and hopefully many more in 2018 as well.  The winner goes to the home at 2108 Bradford Park Court because it was fully stocked and it used to be a Y2K shelter.  Kudos to the sellers for making a pointless room into a yummy thing of beauty!

Do you think they minded that I took a few sips?

The wine cellar at 2108 Bradford Park Court was fully stocked — that definitely helped it win the Best Wine Cellar award.

The Best Patio for Hanging Out With Friends Award

Not only did the home at 1912 Canterbury Drive remind me of the home in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but the patio reminded me of an Aspen lodge that would be the perfect hang out spot for all to enjoy.  In 2017 I saw larger patios and more elegant patios, but this one stood out to be in the way it fit the sloping homesite and just how comfortable it felt.

1912 Canterbury Drive in Westover Hills features a comfortable hang-out patio for all seasons.

The Best Home For Being Under House Arrest Award

Tarrant County's coolest home as picked by ME!

2906 Shadow Drive in Arlington was the whole package — view, architecture, uniqueness, wine cellar — winner, winner, chicken dinner!

This was an easy one —  2906 Shadow Drive  is the clear winner for the coolest and most amazing Tarrant County Tuesday home of 2017.  Everything about this home is just awesome.  If I ever had to be under house arrest, this is easily the home I’d pick in which to live — view, rooms, architecture, spaces, wine cellar, pools, secret areas — I could easily spend years on this property and never leave!

Well that’s all from Tarrant County this year, Dirty Readers.  As always, special thanks to Joanna England for sorting through my run-on sentences and jibba jabba and of course, the queen herself, Candy Evans, for allowing me to pretend that I am a blogger.  Can’t wait for 2018!

Seth Fowler is a licensed real estate sales professional with Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth.  Statements and opinions are his own.  Seth has been involved in the home sales and real estate business in DFW since 2004.  He and his family have lived in the Fort Worth area for over 15 years.  Also, Seth loves bow ties.  You can reach Seth at 817.980.6636 or