Make Your Winter Landscape Pop With These Tips From Harold Leidner

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Tasteful Christmas lights are easy to accomplish when you hire the experts at Harold Leidner Landscape Architects. (Photos: Harold Leidner)

Though our winter weather in Dallas and Fort Worth is often mild, that doesn’t mean your landscape is out of the woods. And who doesn’t like to have their halls decked by someone else? Today we’re tackling some winter landscaping questions and myths with the one and only Harold Leidner. Find out how you and your yard can have a happy holidays this season, all without lifting a finger: It’s December, and finally getting cold! What do homeowners need to do now to preserve their gardens for spring?

Harold Leidner: First and foremost, Irrigation is critical.  System checks should be performed to identify any problems and make sure the freeze sensor is operational.  Plants must have adequate soil moisture so survive the winter months, especially new planting.  Winter is also a good time to consider updating your irrigation system with the newest tech like smart controllers & weather stations.  Operation from your smart phone is great, especially if you are out of town for the holidays.  Beyond that, leaf pickup, gutter cleaning, drain cleaning, etc. should be performed as well.

Winter is also a great time to prune trees.  While your at it check to make sure all outdoor lighting is operational.  Many travel during this time and you want it to look like someone is there!

CD: Is Texas the only state that ODs on holiday lights? Has it always been this bright during Texas Holidays?

HL:  We can’t speak for other states, but we know that Dallas always goes BIG.

CD: What are your best tips for knocking it out with holiday lights, going totally Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation?

HL: Make sure you have enough power and start planning early.  Holiday lighting installers book up fast.

CD: What are your best tips for tasteful Christmas lights?

HL: LED white light is always a crowd pleaser.  The Galleria looks good in red but you can never go wrong with white.

CD: Can you build a swimming pool during the winter in North Texas?

HL:  Absolutely.  If you want to be done in time to enjoy it during the swim season, start now.  Most people start thinking about pools during the swim season in which case, it’s not fully enjoyed until the following year.  Think about it when you need it, not when you want it.

CD: Has anyone ever asked you to LIGHT a swimming pool?

HL:  We install color changing LED lights on all of our swimming pools allowing for holiday displays to suit any time of year.

CD: What is the best display you have ever done for the holidays?

HL:  There are too many to count.  Let’s let the photos do the talking!

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