The Mortgage Report: Rising Rents And New Home Starts Create Momentum For Homebuyers

Rents are forecasted to rise 8 percent in the coming 12 months, and new home starts are up — giving the market some serious optimism when considering our housing supply issues. But Bob Johnson (AKA BobMortgage — senior mortgage advisor at the nation’s oldest private lender — Wallick & Volk), has some wisdom to share with renters: “You’re already paying a mortgage, it’s just not yours,” he says in this week’s issue of The Mortgage Report. “Stop giving the money to your landlord.”

This week’s episode shows you have to take the good with the bad. Though new home starts are up, so are initial jobless claims. And while there’s plenty of positive momentum in the market for the close of 2017, the bond market doesn’t seem to be getting that message. Should you lock or float? Tune into this week’s Mortgage Report to find out: