Patten Custom Homes’ Husband/Wife Duo Edge Out the Competition on Design, Detail, And Service

9215 Royal Pine Drive (Photo Credit: Patten Custom Homes)

Founded by Natalie and Feild Patten, Patten Custom Homes (PCH) is one of the premier custom home builders in Dallas, Texas. One look at a PCH new build, and you’ll see why their quality construction and high attention to detail has put them on par with the most sought-after builders in Dallas. In fact, over the last seven years, PCH has earned a reputation for extraordinary project management, fully transparent communications, and an unwavering client commitment.

“Our main goal with every client custom build, is to design and build as if it were our own home,” says Natalie Patten, owner of Patten Custom Homes.

After hiring a local builder for their very first home, husband and wife duo, Feild and Natalie Patten, have been hooked on houses ever since, transforming their passion for construction, architecture, and design into a fully-fledged business.

“During the build of our own home, I loved going to the job site daily to check on the progress,” says Natalie. “I loved everything from the smell of the sawdust, to picking out every inch of the home.”

The lifelong Dallas residents – who went to Lake Highlands High School together – began with remodels and reconstruction projects à la Fixer Upper, and later graduated to ground up construction, building everything from elegant Tudors, to sleek and magnificent moderns.

“WE are the project managers,” Patten says. “Our clients speak directly to us.”

“It’s important for us to have that direct connection and communication with our clients. We think it makes for the best relationship with our clients, and therefore we are able to make the best product for them. There are no miscommunications and they are not put on a ‘call list’. It’s just us,” she adds.

Another big perk to working with PCH – they don’t overlap too many projects at once, so their time isn’t spread too thin. Additionally, they offer a “Build + Design” option to maximize efficiency and cost for their clientele.

“With our build + design option, we give our clients my design services included in the build for an extra fee. This tends to be less expensive than hiring an interior designer,” says Natalie. “I help clients pick everything from the paint, to designing the custom cabinets, to picking out the plumbing fixtures, and offer suggestions on detailed trim work. This is a popular option and works really well for many of our clients who are budget conscious, and would prefer not to get another company or person involved in the build.”

One of her favorite aspects of the design process? The selections. Read on, and you’ll see Natalie’s sense of style is right on-trend.

1814 Lucerne Street Dallas, TX – Photo Credit: Patten Custom Homes

“For exteriors, I tend to love mixed materials. I love brick mixed with siding and a touch of natural wood. I love tons of natural light in a home. I want to see as much of the outside as possible, so floor-to-ceiling windows and just a lot of windows in general. I love details in a home: beams, steel stair railings, wood ceilings, shiplap, wallpaper, etc. Right now, I have a big love for plumbing fixtures that aren’t chrome (the obvious choice). I am really into brass and matte black plumbing fixtures. I just love to make a home as custom as possible, and I think it’s the little details that bring character to a home.”

At the moment, PCH is working on several residential builds as well as a venture into the commercial space that really makes our ears perk up.

“We have a commercial space we are really excited about – a restaurant,” Natalie reveals. “This is new territory for us, as we are residential builders. The restaurant is located in the heart of Lake Highlands next to White Rock Valley, and at the corner of Audelia Road and Walnut Hill.  It is set to open this month, November, in about two weeks.”

The restaurant, which is sure to become a household name, will be called Cedar & Vine – a casual American grill, much like The Porch or Neighborhood Services.

“As an investor and being heavily involved with the opening of the restaurant, we’ve put so much love and time into it, and hope it will be the new neighborhood go-to,” she says.

Natalie and Feild joined with a local restaurant group, who are also their friends from High School, to do the design and build for Cedar & Vine. The trendy watering hole is the answer to a missing link in the neighborhood, offering a comfortable place to go for date night, drink wine on tap, watch football with the guys, or meet girlfriends for brunch. Who better to fill that niche than the delightful team we are dubbing the next “Chip and Joanna Gaines of Dallas”? Remember people, you heard it here first!

“We are excited to leave our mark in the neighborhood we grew up in and called home for so many years,” says Natalie. “The build out on the restaurant has been a lot of learning, but we have really enjoyed the project and can’t wait to be officially open for business!”

PCH is also adding a Kessler Park new build to their portfolio, designed by Maestri Studio – a Dallas-based firm renowned for their meticulous architectural detail and design. Located at 1522 Eastus, the project is set to be completed in the Fall of 2018, and will be PCH’s most intricate build to date.

Front Elevation of 1522 Eastus in Kessler Park

The private residence will comprise of 4,848 square feet, boasting four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and an office, all nestled on a gracious quarter-acre lot on one of the most beautiful wide-streets in the neighborhood.

“Feild and I lived in Kessler Park for a few years, and Feild actually grew up in East Kessler Park as a little boy, where he explored the beautiful nature in the neighborhood, walking the trails and playing in the creek, so, both of us have a lot of love for the area,” Natalie adds.

Specializing in ground up construction throughout the greater Dallas Metroplex – including but not limited to neighborhoods such as Lakewood, The M Streets, Lake Highlands, Preston Hollow, Richardson, and Kessler Park – PCH provides a full-service atmosphere and vision that results in nothing less than a work of art.

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