You’ll Find no End to Charm and Delight at 1623 Oak Knoll Street

This East Kessler charmer reduced me to giddiness. Avoiding the temptation to over-modernize, its owners have created a lovely balance between the home’s original charm and contemporary conveniences. And it’s a great size for the area at 2,613 square feet.

The walk-up is just lovely. The wide porch makes me hope that it’s just one of many in a neighborhood full of front-porch neighbors who spend temperate evenings out there waving to dog walkers and kids on bikes. Sigh. Leave me to my imagination!

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom ranch situated on a lush hilltop, 1623 Oak Knoll Street is listed by Ged Dipprey of Dave Perry-Miller In Town for $740,000.

The formal living room is divine, and the midcentury Roman brick fireplace, superb. That it survived unpainted is to the owner’s credit, for sure. Painted fireplaces have their place, but here, it would’ve been a tragedy.

The family room is equally nice (though I do wish the hardwood floors continued in there), and the two sets of French doors means it can easily be closed off for noise and traffic. Super smart.


The dining room looks a wee bit … tight? I think that trading out those oversized chairs for some properly sized furniture could address that issue, however.

I live for a good built-in and this planning desk is just charming. This one seems to have some sort of texture applied to it, but without a better close up, I can’t be sure. At any rate, I love it.

The kitchen is also very cute. What a joy to see the original cabinetry still in place!  As much as I love a contemporary kitchen, I admire the owner’s resistance to ripping them out. Even with modern hardware, they provide a wonderful contrast to the sleek, contemporary river-rock backsplash and black granite countertops. I think it’s a really nice choice.

This wooden kitchen island is also a terrific choice for this cozy kitchen. It provides much-needed work area without overwhelming the space. Thumbs up!  Modern conveniences in the kitchen include all stainless appliances – built-in fridge, double ovens, and a five-burner stove.

The first master bedroom (yep, the house has two) looks huge. And pretty. With tons of natural light and those beams overhead, it’s heavy on the visual appeal. The attached bath brings it, too.

The owners clearly paid a great deal of attention to retaining the original charm of this home and it pays off at every turn. I literally said, “Stop it!” when I saw this vanity. If it’s not an original feature, they’ve done a fabulous job of faking it. Cute, cute, cute. The master bath may not have two sinks, but with vanity space like this, you’ll miss none of the convenience.

The second master is a bit smaller, but equally lovely. As is its en-suite. The third bedroom comes with a fireplace, the quaintness of which I am head over heels for.

And to top it off, look at this backyard! It’s so wooded and tranquil. I’ve completely run out of ways to say “charming” when it comes to this house. Just wonderful.