Architect-lead Renovation at 4411 Hall Street Gives 1920s Tudor a Few Modern Tricks up its Sleeve

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I sorted through at least a dozen homes before I landed on this week’s Saturday Seven Hundred treasure. The drive-up is so charming. But it was the first interior shot that made me say, “Oh, yes. This is a goodie.” It came as not a bit of a surprise that this 1925 Tudor was completely rebuilt from its foundation by an architect. There’s just something about the way the spaces are laid out and the use of light that made it obvious someone with know-how got their hands on this Perry Heights home.

The top-down renovation delivers a combination of contemporary appeal and historic charm with admirable deftness. With three living spaces, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms in in 2,141 square feet, 4411 N Hall Street is listed with Virginia Cook’s Nancy Martinez for $749,000. Join us after the jump for a bonus space that will not disappoint.

Check out the shape of that front door! I’m undone by the charm of it. Paired with the historic Rookwood fireplace, the living room delivers some wonderful character. Sometimes I get turned off by the lack of a dedicated entryway, but here I’m pacified. Must be that expert space-planning.

Thoughtful and Well-Designed

Hardwood floors run throughout, uniting the dining room and living areas. Together with the number of windows, they make the spaces feel even bigger than they are. And while it’s not exactly open concept everyone is searching for these days, I imagine it’s as close as you’ll come in a Tudor.


Without a floor plan, I can’t be sure if this next space is a separate sun room or simply space the owner has divided off to look like it. Regardless, what a tranquil spot! And if you don’t have a bunch of ancient artifacts to display, this would make a lovely office space. Though, mind the daydreaming.

Hex tile makes my heart go pitter-patter, so the kitchen is a yes, please. In this particular space, they play a wonderful contrast to the modern sleekness of the white cabinetry and granite island. And get a load of that wall of storage! Trust an architect to design a kitchen you’ll never be able to clutter.

Natural Light Guest Stars in Personal Spaces

In the master bedroom, natural light plays a starring role. You could do a whole lot worse than the master closet, and the master bathroom is clean and bright (more hex tile!). I don’t see a second sink, but I’d be surprised if that was overlooked. The hall bath is equally nice.

A bonus guest quarters off the detached garage adds an extra 324 square feet. And it’s not messing around. The quarters are ultra-modern, which is a fun twist. One wall is entirely made of glass and looks out onto a private side yard. The quarters also contain a full bath, making it the ideal place to stash your home-from-college kid during summer breaks (or the almost inevitable boomerang period).

The backyard features a fish pond and makes for a serene escape. If that seems like your thing, you’d better get while the getting is good. Properties like this don’t hang around.


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