9606 Hilldale Drive Beckons as a Tranquil, Sophisticated Retreat

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This home is really lovely. My tastes veer much more toward the modern, but I can’t argue with the appeal of 9606 Hilldale Drive. It’s tranquil and well-appointed, high-end without being fussy. Impeccably kept, inside and out, its 3,678 square feet are simultaneously cozy and spacious, sophisticated and accessible. And while unarguably traditional, the use of mixed metals throughout the interior keeps it fresh and contemporary.

This four-bedroom, three-bath, hip-pocket treasure in Merriman Park is going for $779,900 with Kyle Brinkley at Brinkley Residential.

Formal Without The Fuss

Both the formal living and dining rooms are well sized and beautiful. High ceilings and tons of natural light lend an airy feel that keep ‘formal’ from becoming ‘stuffy.’ The literal writing on the wall feels discordant with the sophistication of the space, but that’s easily remedied. And that dining room chandelier is killer.

The family room is pretty, if otherwise unremarkable. I don’t say that disparagingly. A family room is very personal and defining. And I think ‘unremarkable’ gives new owners opportunity to pour their own personality into the space. With natural light flooding in from two sides, it’s bright and inviting.

The brick flooring in the kitchen lends some unexpected warmth to the otherwise cool palette. The kitchen is, of course, outfitted with stainless appliances and a gorgeous apron front sink. With loads of counter space and endless cabinetry, storage will not be an issue.

You’ll find nothing objectionable in the bathrooms, which have all been updated to be bright and in keeping with the high-end feeling of the home.

A Tiny Skip in The Record

Now, here’s my only ‘huh?’ moment with this entire house. Every room in this home features white crown molding, with the exception of the game room/dead animal room. The trim in here is very dark and looks like it came from another house entirely. Is this a thing we do now? I mean, maybe it is. I don’t pretend to know everything, except in front of my kid. And, not that it isn’t attractive – I think it’s a very sophisticated look, and aside from the wall-mounted reminders of death, I’m into it. It just doesn’t flow with the rest of the home.


Back to Breathtaking

The master bedroom looks like a charming B&B. How peaceful! I like believing this isn’t just beautiful staging but that people actually live in all white rooms without the constant fear of small, dirty hands. The master bath is tranquil, spa-like, and absolutely lovely.

Oh, hello, bathtub of my dreams. You’ll have figured out by now that I choose homes to feature based on what they’ve got going that I decidedly do not. Today, it’s the tub. Ours are criminally shallow, among other faults. This glass shower kicks it up a notch, too.

Pretty on The Outside And Inside

Outdoor spaces here do not disappoint. With outdoor dining and living areas, the home flows easily through wide doorways, giving the home a feeling of endlessness. With the pool and spa, there’s really no backyard to speak of, but for many folks, that’s not at all problematic. In fact, with the front yard’s ground cover, there’s very little weekly maintenance to be done here. No mowing! Just swimming! Your teens will thank you.



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