A Perfect North Dallas Renovated Ranch

Our Inwood House of the Week is one of those homes you expect to see as a location for a TV series set in the 1950s. Mom is vacuuming in heels and pearls as dad fires up the grill for a neighborhood barbecue, jazz wafting out onto the patio. This North Dallas renovated ranch at 11439 Chicot Drive perfectly captures the character and nostalgia of the era, but step inside and you quickly move from 1951 to 2017.

The ranch is a uniquely American style, originating in the 1920s though it was popularized during the post-war building boom. The idea was to create a family-friendly house with a connection to the outdoors, generally through sliding glass doors, as there was an emphasis on backyard life. Remember, this was when the barbecue craze began. Inviting the neighbors over for cocktails and tossing a steak on the grill was a weekly event. Regional architects added signature looks, and we began to see split levels and features borrowed from Mediterranean and Colonial homes, like the dormers on this one.

A new generation of buyers is embracing the 50s ranch and all that it embodies, including that love of backyard life and neighborhood parties. While they are drawn to the defining exterior features, today’s buyer wants a clean transitional feel inside, and that’s exactly what you get with this renovated ranch.

Raegan Barringer of Barringer Homes was the mastermind behind the remodel.

“It’s just beautifully done,” Dave Perry-Miller listing agent Sharon Redd said. “The spaces are open, light, and bright. It is the perfect balance of old and new. It has a great floor plan. The quality of materials and the workmanship are meticulous.”

Renovated Ranch 11439 Chicot Dr 3

Renovated Ranch 11439 Chicot Dr 4

Renovated Ranch 11439 Chicot Dr 5

The kitchen was opened up to the family room, and beautiful Carrara marble countertops were installed along with some very hip wallpaper in the breakfast area.

One of our favorite features of this 3,957-square-foot home is the two-sided fireplace. The present owners removed the walls on either side of it to bring in light from the French doors across the back of the former sun porch.

Renovated Ranch 11439 Chicot Dr 10

11439 Chicot Dr 11

11439 Chicot Dr 12

11439 Chicot Dr 6

11439 Chicot Dr 7

11439 Chicot Dr 8

11439 Chicot Dr 9

11439 Chicot Dr 14

11439 Chicot Dr 13

A couple of steps down from the kitchen is another living area with sliding glass doors to the yard. It would be a great game room for the kids or a wonderful home office space.

11439 Chicot Dr 15

11439 Chicot Dr 16

11439 Chicot Dr 17

11439 Chicot Dr 18

11439 Chicot Dr 19

11439 Chicot Dr 20

11439 Chicot Dr 21

11439 Chicot Dr 22

11439 Chicot Dr 23

11439 Chicot Dr 24

11439 Chicot Dr 25

This home was built for family living with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a powder bath. The yard is enormous. You can easily fit in a sizable pool and still have plenty of play area.

Redd listed this terrific renovated ranch on Monday for only $ 1.075 million. Grab your pearls and heels and get ready to grill some steaks and party on the patio!

Karen Eubank is the owner of Eubank Staging and Design. She has been an award-winning professional home stager for more than 25 years. She’s been a professional writer for 20 years. Karen is the mother of a son who’s studying music at The University of Miami. An ardent animal lover, she doesn’t mind one bit if your fur baby jumps right into her lap. Find Karen at www.eubankstaging.com