David Griffin Markets Standard-Bearing One Arts Plaza Unit Fit for an Art Collector

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You might expect to pay a cover fee to attend an open house at a property of this caliber. The art alone is worthy of exhibit. And together with  perfectly selected fixtures and finishes, 1717 Arts Plaza, unit 2208 strikes a masterful balance between the warmth of home and the aloofness of a gallery. The combination is purposeful and stunning.

“It’s very livable, though still museum-like,” said Realtor David Griffin. “It’s just very thoughtfully designed.”

With museum-smooth walls and impressive 11-foot ceilings, the design intent of this space is clear: art lives here. “The owner of this unit is an art collector,” said Griffin. “I think the floor plan, finish-out, and amenities of this particular home are perfect for those with artistic interests. It’s perfectly set for that purpose.”



Inspiring Views

Listed at $1.325 million, this exquisite condominium doesn’t just float above the trendy neighborhood. The unit is part of a stunning, mixed-use development anchored in the heart of it all. “It’s not about the view of the Arts District,” said Griffin. “It’s about being part of the Arts District.”

Let’s not discount that view, though. It is a muse unto itself. Extending from the master bedroom, though the open living spaces and into the den, a wall of glass gives unparalleled views of Dallas from every possible vantage point.




And at 2,172 square feet, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit is already plenty spacious. But multiple sets of glass doors lead to another showcase of this living gallery: the cityscape.

“There are 700 square feet of outdoor terrace, one of the largest in the entire building.”

Imagine the parties hosted there! Or better yet, the soirees.

The unit is one of 60 residences that occupy One Art Plaza’s top six floors. This unit sits inside the “box-within-a-box” on the east side of the building. And because of its east side location, it gets a welcome reprieve from the hot western sun in the summer.



‘Impeccably Updated’

Not that it escapes the eye, but Griffin pointed out that the unit has undergone extensive renovations over the last couple of years. “It has been so impeccably maintained and updated,” he said.

From the gorgeous, streamlined kitchen to the sleek, minimal master bathroom, each detail falls perfectly in line with the unit’s overall aesthetic. Nothing is over done and no opportunity missed.  The unit is a true embodiment of its surroundings. Here, life truly is art.









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