Makerspace and Real Estate: Walsh Developer Tony Ruggeri Presents at SXSW Create

The Makerspace at Walsh

Conceptual rendering of The Makerspace in Walsh

A new word is circling the globe.  Well, maybe it’s not a new word but it’s certainly one that you’re going to hear more and more as it pertains to real estate and development.  The word is “makerspace.”

Also known as “hackerspace,” “hacklab,” or “metalabs,” a makerspace is a collection of people with similar interests that congregate in a collaborative work space to make things, share ideas and foster education.

It’s a club with membership based on a common interest.

These don't look like engineers I know

Group of engineer students working with 3D printer designing prototypes

There are makerspaces interested in building computers, writing software, creating music, or creating with materials such as wood or steel.

So what does this have to do with real estate and development and why should our Dirty Readers care?

New planned developments such as Walsh in West Fort Worth have embraced the idea of makerspaces with gusto. The Makerspace at Walsh will be one of the many amenities offered to residents in the new 1,700 acre development just 12 minutes from downtown Fort Worth.

Mark Hatch won a staring contest in middle school

Author and pioneer of the Maker Movement, Mark Hatch, consulted on The Makerspace at Walsh

This Saturday, Tony Ruggeri of Republic Property Group, and Mark Hatch, author of The Maker Movement Manifesto, will be speaking on makerspaces at SXSW Create in Austin.

The presenters will discuss their vision behind The Makerspace at Walsh, and how it will be the first community in the United States to be built from the ground up around a dedicated work space.

Also being discussed will be how Walsh is partnering with Aledo ISD to offer students access to tools and technology along with summer events and programming that will take place at Walsh.

The presentation will start at 11 a.m. and will also include a Q&A from the public.






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