You’re Invited: March 9th Event at Las Colinas Enclave Featuring Four Seasons

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4782 - View 2

It’s not often you can say, “I can see the Four Seasons from my house.” At 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 9, you’ll be able to say it from each of three neighboring properties at The Enclave in Las Colinas.  These homes not only see the Four Seasons, they’re privy to all the amenities of the hotel.

For golf enthusiasts, each home also fronts the Four Seasons TPC golf course, specifically, the Par 3 17th hole.  Because of owners entertainment prowess, it’s locally known as the “party hole” to tournament players and attendees.

Each home is being marketed by Leigh Ann Barrick, top producing broker/associate with Keller Williams.  Let’s review what you’ll be able to experience on Thursday night.

4786 - Exterior Back 1

4786 Byron Circle (Click for full story)

Having been in Tuscany last month, I can tell you this is a Tuscan-style home.  It’s 5,090 square feet and has four bedrooms with four full and one half bathroom.  Built in 2001, this home is being offered $2.1 million.

4786 - Kitchen 2

If you know me, you know I’m a kitchen person.  This is both a great family kitchen where cookie-stealing kids can operate unseen as well as an entertaining kitchen where guests can congregate and chat with the cook.  When it’s tournament season, easy access to the jumbo back patio insures a steady stream of munchies are on hand.

4786 - Office 1

I also like the office in this home.  Stately but not overly fussy … like me?  You’ll have to stop by Thursday and see for yourself.

4782 - Exterior Back 1

4782 Byron Circle (Click for full story)

Why do we like showing the back of these homes?  With views like this, who cares what the front looks like.  Just kidding.  But aside from the golf course and country club amenities at the Enclave, certainly being able to look over acres of green space (tended to by someone else) is a really big deal.

4782 Byron Circle is 5,123 square feet and contains four bedrooms with five full and one half bathroom. Built in 2001, it’s listed for $2.395 million.

4782 - Living-Kitchen 1

I’m a big entertainer and cook, so I like open concept because I’m not toiling away on my own while everyone else has all the fun.  From end to end — living, dining, and kitchen — the cook is master/mistress of all they survey.  Best seat in the house and closest to the fridge, that’s my motto.

4782 - Master Bath 1

I also really like the master bathroom.  Large and traditional, but not so much that it’s a museum.  While I know the bathmats were removed for photography, I’d be hard pressed to cover this floor.

4774 - Exterior Back 1

4774 Byron Circle (Click for full story)

Finally, there’s 4774 Byron Circle … and it’s got a creek … and a half-acre.  We hear from the owner that all manner of wildlife sneaks around early in the morning and in the evenings.  Talk about feeling like you’ve escaped to the country.  I grew up near forests, and backyard deer were a regular and calming sight.  I remember the magic of sitting in the window with a mug of soup (I hate coffee) to watch the early morning deer.

And 4774 Byron Circle, built in 2003, is listed at $2.85 million. It has 6,690 square feet encompassing five bedrooms with five full and one half bathrooms.

4774 - Kitchen 1

Speaking of soup, here’s where I’d happily make a vat of soup … and with a six-burner gas cooktop, I could definitely get close to a ton.  Realtors tell me that kitchens sell houses, so this one must be saying “buy me!” Between the firepower, size, and views out the windows to the golf course, this is the kitchen cooks tear out of magazines.

4774 - Master Bed 1

I also like this master bedroom’s fireplace.  Elegant without being a gold-plated, Versailles wannabe.  I also like the recessed armoire.  I’m a clean-line guy so anything that puts things in their place works for me.  It’s an attention to detail you get from custom homes.

But that’s enough about what I like.  RSVP to our Thursday shindig and see for yourself which home has the rooms that work for you.

Las Colinas Invitation

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