Nilza Rueckert Joins Evan Stewart to Create RUECKERT + STEWART

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She is Nilza Rueckert, an outstanding Ebby agent, with a Brazilian background, who has lived in Dallas since 1999. A real estate veteran, Nilza worked for a Dallas-based home builder, Woodhaven Homes, and first obtained her real estate license in 2003.

“I started building my business and things were going so well that I, a single mother, decided to go home to Brazil for two months,” says Nilza.

The year was 2007. When she came back to the States, the market had tanked. No one was trading homes!

“I realized it was going to be a very tough few years, so I did what I had to do to survive,” says Nilza.

Years ago, in Brazil, she had obtained her cosmetology license, so she went to work in a Little Elm hair salon to make ends meet.

“But my passion is real estate, so I got back into the market as soon as I saw the ticker heading upwards,” says Nilza.

She signed on with Ebby in November of 2012, moved to Ebby’s Little White House in 2015. Now with a special person in her life and tons of sales under her belt, Nilza’s life has made a complete turn around from those early years of struggling.

He is Evan Stewart, one of the go-getters of Ebby’s Little White House, who entered into real estate after a successful career in entrepreneurial consulting and venture capitalism. Together, Nilza and Evan have carved out a unique niche in Dallas luxury and residential real estate, with the formation of the new RUECKERT + STEWART Group.

And already, they are counting almost $4 million in sales year-to-date!

“We like to present a new and different approach to home selling,” says Evan. “This industry is saturated with outdated marketing tactics, and agents whose only value proposition is to offer 1% selling commission. Dallas has seen a surge in discount agents and brokerages, because the ability for a real estate agent to provide relevant, professional service is now harder to learn and implement than ever before.”

Like most agents, Nilza and Evan see the discount brokerage trend as turning a full service industry into a commodity.

“What we will offer, is simply the best professional relationship you’ve ever had in a real estate transaction,” says Nilza. “We’re here for you before, during, and after the sale closes – to act as your local resource for all things ‘home.’ “

Evan and Nilza take time to empathetically learn minute details about their clients, including their family, land investment philosophies, and future objectives for each household. And the other thing? Nilza says they actually sell the homes they list.

“With our clients, it’s a question of ‘where to move,’ not ‘if it’ll sell.’”


Nilza, who recently moved from her beautiful home in Preston/Royal over to Jan-Mar, is actively involved in the North Dallas professional community. Her fluency in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, combined with her Brazilian heritage and extensive travel history, provide a unique ability for her to connect and attract a wide clientele. In addition, Nilza actively serves and supports the Dallas Police Association and other areas of local law enforcement.

Evan, who was born and raised in North Dallas, comes from a line of successful entrepreneurs. His background as an entrepreneurial consultant, in addition to his experience in nearly every role of business – from front-end sales to C.E.O. – has provided many opportunities to utilize complicated business and marketing systems. He also continues to give back through mentor-ship positions to local entrepreneurs, and through his support for the Dallas business community.

Together, Evan and Nilza have more than 14 years of combined, creative real estate experience. The RUECKERT + STEWART group specializes in the luxury residential market, but represents distinguished properties and individuals of all price points across the Metroplex – from Preston Hollow to Denton County.

“We’re proud to consistently represent more than $14 million in our immediate inventory, and always have millions more in active buyer representation, plus coming soon listings for later in the year,” says Evan.

Right now, that business is just from these two, though expansion of the group is expected in the future.

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