Swoon-worthy: Houzz Lists Top 10 Design Trends For 2017

7 Warm Wood Kitchens

I think we’re all ready for a change of pace, right? If you’re directing that energy toward refreshing your home, Houzz was kind enough to point out to us just what is hot these days. Naturally, we fell through the rabbit hole with these bold and bright new interiors.

Take a look at these beautiful rooms and tell us: What are your favorite trends? How will you refresh and renew your home in 2017?



Houzz’s 2017 Design Trend Predictions:

1. Playful bedside pendant lights. Forget boring old table lamps. Hanging pendant lights free up bedside space for nightstand essentials, especially helpful in small rooms.

1 bedside pendants
2. Black steel and glass doors. These are popping up everywhere. Great for dark entryways that could use some natural light, and they make a statement for shower doors when frameless glass is a little too boring in a space.

2 Black Steel and Glass Door
3. Laundry rooms as another splurge area. Everyone knows kitchens and bathrooms get the big remodeling dollars, but many homeowners are seeing value in making every space look great. And laundry rooms in particular are seeing more love, which will continue into 2017. Design tricks to bring in more light, smarter storage and better function resonate with homeowners who realize they spend a lot of time doing laundry, so why not do it in a space that makes them feel good?

3 Laundry Room as a Splurge
4. Rethinking beige. Once a mainstay in homes across the country, beige has sort of been getting a bad rap in recent years with the popularity of grays. But designers are starting to rethink beige-based neutrals, giving the palette a refreshing update for the modern world.

4 Rethinking Beige
5. Romantic bedroom colors. Most homeowners strive for a calm and cozy bedroom by sticking with walls painted in soothing blues, grays or yellows. But according to a recent Houzz survey, intimate or romantic is the third-most desired atmosphere for a master bedroom after calm and cozy. To achieve this mood, colors like raspberry pink, deep ruby red, caramel and even black will be hot in 2017.

5 Romantic Bedroom Colors
6. White and wood kitchens. When it comes to cabinets and backsplashes, the color white dominates in kitchens. That’s according to a recent Houzz kitchen study. To keep the all-white look from becoming too sterile, designers and homeowners are introducing wood accents to help break up the look visually and provide much needed warmth.

6 White and Wood Kitchens
7. Warm wood cabinets. Taking that concept a step further, we’re seeing a lot more warm wood cabinets in modern styles. These aren’t the honey-colored off-the-shelf cabinets from the 1990s, but clean lined, beautifully stained versions that celebrate various wood species.

7 Warm Wood Kitchens
8. Wall of tile in kitchen. And speaking of tile, we’re seeing a lot of homeowners eschewing the typical above the countertop, below the cabinets backsplash format and going a bit more dramatic with full floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall tile coverage.

8 Wall of Tile
9. Vanity conversions. If you’re having trouble finding the right pre-manufactured vanity for your home, try thinking outside the cabinet box. Many savvy homeowners are finding chests of drawers, old file cabinets, vintage consoles and more and converting them into one-of-a-kind vanities.

9 Vanity Conversion
10. Barstools are the new jewelry of the kitchen. Modern counter seating is joining cabinet hardware and faucets as jewelry for the kitchen, and the latest modern and contemporary designs are among the most popular items purchased by Houzz users in the Shop.

10 Barstools as the jewelry of the kitchen

One Comment

  • Metal-framed windows are called Crittal Windows after their British inventor in 1884. Crittal expanded into the US in 1907 by acquiring the Detroit Steel Products Company. They’re making a residential comeback worldwide after their heyday in commercial and government construction during the early-mid 20th century and are most associated with the modern movement.