Preservation Dallas Presents Workshop on Fixing, Saving Historic Windows

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historic windows
Evelyn Montgomery and Ron Siebler will present their knowledge on how to repair and save your older windows and keep the character and historic integrity of your home intact. Photo: Preservation Dallas

Do your historic wood windows stick, leak, rattle in the wind, or slam shut on your fingers? Ignore those advertisements for replacement windows and learn how wood windows can be repaired, saving energy and your home’s history.

Preservation Dallas is presenting an introductory workshop that will tell you why these architecturally significant historic windows should be saved, and how. Hands-on activities will teach you to replace a pane of glass, or use glazing to stabilize a loose one. You’ll also learn how to fix broken ropes and missing weights so the window will stay open, and avoid the dangers of lead paint.

“Historic wood windows are an important feature of any historic home and can last a lifetime if properly maintained,” said David Preziosi, executive director at Preservation Dallas. “They will last much longer than replacement windows and can be repaired, unlike most replacement windows. This workshop will give people and understanding of how historic windows work and how to evaluate if they can be repaired along with how to repair glazing, sash weights, and more.”

historic windows

The workshop will take place at Dallas Heritage Village, where 20 historic structures display windows in a variety of stages of repair and deterioration. Historic preservation contractor Ron Siebler, winner of the 2016 Preservation Dallas Craftsmanship Award, will share his hard-won knowledge of window repair, with the assistance of museum curator Evelyn Montgomery.

The free lecture portion of the event will take place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The hands-on workshop will take place from 1 to 3 p.m. and includes a chance to actually work on historic windows so you can practice your skills for your own window repair. The hands-on portion is limited to 18 and will cost $40 for supplies and a box lunch.

Reservations are required. To register for this event, click here or call Preservation Dallas at 214-821-3290.




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