Prairie Style in Arlington’s Tiffany Park Prairie Has Spectacular Views, Incredible Value

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Arlington 2906 Serenity Front 2

This might be one of the most unique homes in the Midcities area, if not the most unique. Right from the first glance, this multi-level contemporary in Arlington’s Tiffany Park won me over. I love the prairie-style shape of this home, with five different levels anchored by a rectangular tower. It’s a novel way of taking advantage of the unobstructed views of Lake Arlington.

But would you believe that this home, built in 1984 and with many great updates, is on the market for just $595,000? It seems like such a bargain for a home in a great neighborhood, right next to a lovely lake, with more than 4,500 square feet, and with an incredible deck and pool with an easily accessible Midcities location.

Arlington 2906 Serenity Foyer Living

Arlington 2906 Serenity Living 2 Arlington 2906 Serenity Dining Arlington 2906 Serenity Dining 2 Arlington 2906 Serenity Kitchen 2 Arlington 2906 Serenity Kitchen Arlington 2906 Serenity Breakfast Arlington 2906 Serenity Den 2 Arlington 2906 Serenity Den 3

While 2906 Serenity Court has four bedrooms, three full baths, and three half baths, it’s the near-empty room on the tallest floor that will entrance you. It’s a spare room, now holding only a massage table (perfect!), with 360-degree views of the lake and landscape. I can imagine this being one of those spots where you retreat to for a yoga practice, for a sunset glass of wine, for relaxing in solitude. It’s an introvert’s dream!

Arlington 2906 Serenity Massage Table

Additionally, you get a three-car garage and a beautiful sloping lot that drinks in the views of Lake Arlington from inside and out. You’ll have to appreciate that this home, with its hardwood floors, copious windows, varying levels, and three fireplaces, is perfect for entertaining, accommodating gatherings of any size within its generous footprint or outside on the multi-level deck.

What strikes me the most about this home, though, is its design potential. While the kitchen cabinets and counters are a little too basic for this home’s floor plan and feel, it would be easy to upgrade given the stainless steel appliances and open configuration. The fixtures and molding skew a bit too traditional, so some contemporary or even modern ceiling fans and lighting could provide the tone-setting detail this home needs to take it to the next level.

Arlington 2906 Serenity Master Arlington 2906 Serenity Master 2 Arlington 2906 Serenity Master Bath Arlington 2906 Serenity Master Bath 2

The master suite, which is handily located on the first floor just opposite the entryway, has a glorious bank of picture windows with a French door that accesses the private deck, complete with hot tub. A sitting area, built-in storage, a fireplace, and an oversized master bath with a huge bathtub that has some of the most interesting fixtures — is that a swan? — make this a verifiable retreat. Now all it needs is a wet bar complete with coffee station and you’re equipped to get through the holidays should you host extended family.

And then there’s the deck:

Arlington 2906 Serenity Deck Arlington 2906 Serenity Deck and Pool Aerial Arlington 2906 Serenity Deck 2 Arlington 2906 Serenity Deck 3 Arlington 2906 Serenity Pool

Aside from the fact that I’m perhaps the most clumsy person in the whole region, I am in love with this multi-tiered deck, each nook offering a different view of the lake and the landscape. And when you need to cool off, jump in the large pool and let what’s left of your cares float away.

This home has been on the market for less than a month, and I’m sure someone’s going to see the potential in it soon. We hope it’s you!


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