Behind The Scenes of 307 N. Waverly With Shoot2Sell’s Lead Photographer Thomas Byers


Photos: Shoot2Sell/Thomas Byers

Editor’s Note: This is final installment of our five-part series breaking down our free team staging of 307 N. Waverly. Read Part One here, Part Two here, and Part Three here, and Part Four here.

While staging can do wonders for a listing, you can’t deny that a professional photographer can make all the difference. Sure, some Realtors have a good eye and know how to take shots of their listings without the help of a professional real estate photographer, but those people are extremely rare. And in this market, the investment in professional photos is worth the payoff in increased buyer interest and multiple bids.

Bharti Subramanian

Bharti Subramanian

We were thrilled when Bharti Subramanian, president of Shoot2Sell, offered one of her best photographers and videographers for our free staging project. We knew that, with Karen Eubank‘s staging expertise and Lifestylist Suzanne Felber‘s resources, we’d have a beautiful home at the end of the day, but who would capture it?

We were lucky to have Shoot2Sell’s lead photographer, Thomas Byers, on our team, shooting both photos and videos that really captured what our team staging experiment was all about. It was interesting to see how Byers interacted with our staff, and how much a photographer’s perspective influences how potential buyers see a home on the market.

Of course, considering his considerable experience in the industry, we had to find out what Byers thought about the experience. Jump to read more and see a behind-the-scenes video! What was the most challenging aspect of shooting the property?
Thomas Byers: There was nothing particularly challenging. If anything, shooting the backyard— the one area that received the least attention— to make it look inviting.


CD: Which room turned out best?
Byers: For me, clearly the living room. With the addition of the furniture, drapes, and artwork it completely changed the initial impression of the property when you walk in the front door. It became very inviting.


CD: What strategies did you employ in photographing the home to make it look its best?
Byers: I tried to shoot it to make the rooms look as large as possible and showing transitions from one area to the other, such as the transition from the living room to the dining room.