The Goldcrest Unit 1006: When “Rarely Available” is the Truth

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Goldcrest units in the MLS are the stuff of legend
Goldcrest units in the MLS are the stuff of legend

On the eve of whisking out of town, a Goldcrest unit popped onto the market. With just 54 units and a booming private sale market, seeing any unit on MLS is cause for a prospective buyer to pop some champagne … just as soon as their broker has secured the first tour PDQ.

When I spoke to Paige Elliott with Dave Perry-Miller the next morning, she said there were already multiple brokers champing at the bit to get in. So my fingers are flying as I write this so you can see it before it’s snatched from your eyeballs’ grasp.

View 1

Unit 1006 is a converted three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo that’s now a two-bedroom floor plan with a jumbo kitchen that sprawls over 2,386 square feet, and it’s listed at $1.329 million. Because it’s the Goldcrest it naturally has a humungo patio … oh, did I mention it’s a corner unit, facing downtown and Turtle Creek, one floor below penthouse? My bad.

Living 1

The living room has the cliché (though still stunning) wall of windows. Being the Goldcrest, all rooms open onto that graceful ribbon balcony encircling each floor.

Dining 1

The dining room doglegs off the living room, offering diners their own windowscape that’ll impress … well, everyone.  Currently set for 10 guests, a few more wouldn’t feel a pinch.


Off the other end of the living room is the library/study. The current owner, a designer, culled a forest for all the impressive millwork found throughout this home. As you can tell, this home isn’t an homage to the Goldcrest’s 1964 roots, but quality is quality.

Kitchen 1

Y’all know kitchens are my thing and anyone who dumps a bedroom for a tennis court-sized eat-in kitchen is A-OK to me. This is clearly not how folks entertained in 1964. Also being an appliance ho, I might do a refresh to put my own stainless steel stamp Gaggenau ovens on things and definitely get stools with backs (I’m old).

Check out the gas cooktop!
Check out the gas cooktop!

Is “cooking with gas” your motto? This home can help. Both the kitchen and the patio are “wired” for gas cooking and grilling … rumored to be the only one in the building. Apparently the story goes that this unit was originally owned by someone close to the original developer and sweet talked their way into getting gassed.

Talk about entertaining in style, a silver closet sure saves on the manicure
Always shiny silver sure saves the manicure from polishing

Adding to this home’s credentials as an entertainment space, there’s a wet bar to keep guests circulating. And for a certain type of host/hostess there’s a silver closet to keep tarnish at bay while it’s not on display … at a party waaaay too swanky for the likes of me! I suppose it would also make a good place to keep your surfboard spiffy while taking a break from being the “Sentinel of the Spaceways.”

M Bed 1

Knackered from that swervy party you didn’t invite me to, you’d want to leave the cleaning up for later and retreat to the master bedroom. See that line of closets? It’s just one of three in the master suite giving you all sorts of choice. Of course the millwork is custom and a whole bank is perfectly constructed for shoes and all manner of lady-like fripperies. That’s what happens when there’s a miss designing the master.

M Bath 3

If wood was used elsewhere, glass is the game in the master bath. Walls of glass give a sense of openness in this his/hers configuration. Forget a double-sinked vanity. This one has two separate vanities with different heights for men and ladies who ponder their potions and paints while seated.

Why is the statue covering its eyes?
Why is the statue covering its eyes?

With separate vanities, ablutions may be more solitary but this jumbo jetted bathtub is the perfect nookie nook. Besides, it’s hard to wolf-whistle at your crush with a toothbrush in your mouth.

Still not convinced? There are three parking spaces and a storage locker thrown into the bargain. Elliott tells me there’s an MLS tour on March 23 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., but if you wait that long to see this home you better wear black because you’ll be mourning your lost opportunity to get into the Goldcrest.

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  1. ArgoSanct says

    Dang wish there was a floorplan for this one but the bones of it look pretty good. It would definitely be a gut renovation. Too much grandma. I would probably go with a mid century look so the clean lines could compliment the floor to ceiling windows. Love the corner terrace which gives a great view of Turtle Creek and Downtown. Something along the lines of 7 Harrison penthouse unit in NYC. Now that is an apartment! (

  2. Kathy says

    My folks lived in the Goldcrest years ago. Irony is how it took us 18 months to sell b/c my mom insisted on pricing her “granny deluxe” unit too high — we finally sold that 2 bedroom corner unit for about $175,000! This was in the early 2000’s. The Goldcrest has been a well kept property, my dad was on the board and unlike the property behind the pink wall, GC board kept everything top notch. It still looks fabulous from the outside.

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