Hot Damn: 75% of Toyota’s California Owning Employees Plan to Relocate to North Texas

Toyota National Headquarters Plano TX

The responses were mostly based on employee comments, but Lentz said he was encouraged by the high number.

“We had a planning number of around 60 percent, so if this holds up, it could mean we would have 3,000 people moving here and another 1,000 new jobs to be filled,” Lentz said from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Of course you know that the Japan-based automaker is building a new North American headquarters in west Plano, and has already completed a plan for the headquarters. Now it’s time to poll who is coming and who is staying.

I saw the campus just before New Year’s, and it is coming along. The campus should be complete by February 2017, with 2 million square feet of commercial space that will cost somewhere north of $350 million, according to Lentz.

One of the D Magazines recently ran an interesting piece where they interviewed a handful (5) of relocating Toyota employees already here. The responses were pretty brief, and it was charming to hear one woman say she loved our steaks. I would love to ask more about our housing stock knowing California housing like I do, so… hmmm.  What was so interesting was that most of the transplants are moving north — McKinney, Plano, Frisco. One went to Southlake, only one went south of LBJ to Uptown. Has Dallas lost the luster?

Meantime, I’ve heard one of the top brass bought in Vaquero, Westlake, while most are just loving Plano. What have you heard? Are you working with any Toyota transplants?

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  • Makes sense that most are staying nearby the headquarters. The only two types of people I think would make the move directly into Dallas: executives and younger workers who are used to some density. The executives would probably look around Highland Park or Preston Hollow areas while the younger ones would most likely go Uptown/Arts District. I will say this, I am very glad I dont work near that part of DNT and 121. It’s already a headache now so I can imagine the clusterf**k its going to be when everything and everyone in place.

  • Not all Toyota people are happy with the Plano, Frisco, McKinney housing stock. I am seeing a group of buyers that don’t like the generic style of houses found in those areas. I have already sold a Mid-century Modern home to buyer from California and I am working with another buyer that wants new modern construction inside of 635, They are looking for cool modern architecture and longing for restaurants, shopping etc that is not dominated by big box stores and chain restaurants.

    • I sold my tract-builder home in Plano after 15 years and have never looked back! Now I live in an older, first-ring suburb in a solid well-built house on a larger lot — no two houses are the same in our neighborhood — and am experiencing the joys of an established neighborhood with leafy trees, hills, history, and residents who know one another. New folks are moving in, too, and we’re actively pursuing revitalization not consisting solely of big box stores and chain restaurants.

      Nope, wouldn’t go back to Plano or the surrounding Bland-villes. No personality, no soul, and suffocating traffic. Gee, a lot like areas of Southern California…

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