A $12,000 Coffeemaker? Wellness Center? What’s Coming Our Way in Fancy Schmancy New Home Features

A rendering of the property.

Vantage Design

Consumers, buyers, are so darn tootin sophisticated in what they want these days: Clean lines. Transitional. Open floor plans. Granite and lots of real stone. Hardwoods. Huge professional type kitchens with all the latest gadgets installed as soon as they arrive in the US.  High ceilings (but not too high). Vessel bathtubs. Spa master baths. Outdoor living areas, maybe now separating the outdoor grill/stove from the living area to reduce smoke. Smart home electronics you can manage from your iphone.

Deion Sanders (22).jpgmaster bath

Deion Sander’s spa bath

And now, apparently, $12,000 coffeemakers. At least that’s what they are putting in a Beverly Hills home for the discriminating California home buyer. Which means, the trend will soon be heading east and south to Texas.

Met a Dallas builder Monday and toured his $13 million property (dying to show you this as soon as it is finished!) where you can program the house and watch it from China, and the master shower has a computer controlled so users can pre set their desired water temperature and pulse action so… no  more knob turning.

Heaven help us, our hands should never, ever have to turn knobs.

Actually, that would be nice: in our house, my husband’s shower settings are higher, hotter, and more forceful. Guys forget that we girls have body parts — in my case, significant body parts — that do not enjoy being pummelled with water.

As for the $12,000 coffeemaker, I expect we will see one in Dallas real soon. Probably at Capital Distributing. Just found out today about a local home that has a two story, walk-in shoe closet for the mistress of the house. Many North Texas homes have all the other goodies coming into this Beverly Hills pad, like a bowling alley. And much more:

In addition to the two-lane, indoor bowling alley, amenities will include a 20-seat home theater and a “wellness center” with a massage room, gym and lockers. Mr. Palumbo said the master suite on the top floor will have a breakfast bar with the iPad-controlled, built-in coffee station—which brews coffee at the touch of a button and dispenses hot and cold water and milk. The master will also have a private terrace with a built-in hot tub and outdoor fireplace. The house will be sold fully furnished, the developers said.

The home will be highly contemporary and measure about 15,600 square feet with 7 bedrooms and I am sure at least 8 or 9 baths. Of course it will have a large outdoor dining and entertaining area, a 70-foot-long infinity-edge swimming pool, that will spill over into a water feature on the level below. The developers,  Jay Belson and Michael Palumbo, say their previous homes surrounded by moats were well received. (For some reason Californians, who are under severe water conservation, love water features and build homes figuring 2 bathrooms per person.) The listing brokerage will be Coldwell Banker Previews International, and the agents are Joyce Rey and Christopher Damon.

The home will be in the Beverly Hills Post Office area, on half an acre, sitting high on a promontory with ocean, city and canyon views, they said. I love the concept of a wellness center in the house, and a gym. Deion Sanders had it all. Even the rotating seat in the master sitting room. But wonder why you need a locker room? Can you not just walk to your bedroom to change or freshen up?

After all, wouldn’t that be healthy exercise?