Cavso Homes Building DFW Modern Houses in Range of Prices, Partnering with Vivo Realty for Sales, Marketing

La Casa del Viento (the Wind House), built in 2013 near Jalisco, Mexico, by Carlos Avila, with architect Ricardo Agraz, and plastic arts by Adrián Guerrero. All photos by Mito Covarrubias, except where noted.

Modern architecture in the North Texas area has lots of fans, but the range of houses offered can be limited. Often, they are custom-build or luxury only.

Cavso Homes is aiming to change that with their unique style of planning and building homes. They plan to offer eco-friendly, modern houses all over DFW, ranging from affordable to luxury.

“We plan keep doing single houses and townhouses, but in about two years, we are planning to build a complete complex,” said one of Cavso’s owners Carlos Avila. “We could talk about tons of statistics explaining why Dallas is the best place for Cavso Homes to start [in the U.S., but really], the Dallas Metroplex chose us!”

Cavso homes

Fabricio Solorio, Alberto Casillas, and Carlos Avila on site at a local Cavso home. Photo courtesy of Carlos Avila

The name Cavso Homes comes from the last names of its three owners, builder Alberto Casillas, project manager Carlos Avila, and business manager Fabricio Solorio. They are based out of Guadalajara, Mexico, and now call DFW home as they offer houses for sale (they have two completed houses in Irving and five future projects planned), custom homes, and their services as builders.

“The owners of Cavso Homes came together to create a different company with an integrated view of a home, and the goal of offering clients better living,” Casillas said. “We listen what clients have to say about their new house, analyze that, and take all of it into consideration for future designs. There is also a person who follows all the steps during the life of a project in order to understand a house like the unique project it is.”

Vivo Realty agent Kimberly Mitchell is working exclusively with Cavso Homes these days, and Vivo is doing all the marketing for the homes.

“Cavso Homes has a wonderful vision for bringing affordable modern homes to Dallas and not sacrificing quality and craftsmanship,” Mitchell said. “We think this is great because modern homes are generally thought of as a high-end product. We think this will be superb for Dallas!”

Detail of the exterior of the Wind House

Exterior detail of the Wind House. Avila says this is his most representative work.

cavso homes

Interior detail of the Wind House

Detail from the Wind House.

Detail from the Wind House

The idea of work flow and integration is central to Cavso.

“We have passionate, talented professionals, and our designs are integrated by their work,” Solorio said. “Our architect, plastic arts, business manager, project manager, builder, Realtor, publisher, marketing, and legal team work together with the one purpose of creating better living.”

There are examples of Cavso’s work throughout this post, and Avila says the Wind House is his most representative work. It’s also award-winning: Cavso Homes architect Ricardo Agraz won a World Architecture Community WA Award in 2015 for the house, located near Jalisco, Mexico. The awards aim “to highlight and recognize remarkable projects that might otherwise remain unnoticed by the international public, yet have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse.”

In Irving, the Corni House is a 3-2 with 1,792 square feet on a corner lot, with bedrooms in a private area and kitchen near from dinning and covered patio. The Lakeshore House in Irving also offers 2,310 square feet with handscraped hardwood floors, custom maple cabinets in the kitchen, Italian porcelain tile in bathrooms, and a cathedral ceiling with cedar beams in living room with a brick-and-stone fireplace.

Cavso's Lakeshore House in Irving.

Cavso’s Lakeshore House in Irving.

Cavso's Corni House in Irving

Cavso’s Corni House in Irving

The Anita Homes in Mexico, on the slopes of La Primavera. Photo by Cecilia Tiznado and Ernesto Martinez.

The Anita Homes in Mexico, on the slopes of La Primavera. Photo by Cecilia Tiznado and Ernesto Martinez.

El Origen houses in Mexico City by Carlos Avila Cavso.

El Origen (The Origen) houses in Mexico City by Carlos Avila Cavso. Photo courtesy of Carlos Avila.

The Armonia Habitat in Mexico City. Photo courtesy of Carlos Avila Cavso.

La Armonia Habitat (The Harmony Houses) in Mexico City. Photo courtesy of Carlos Avila.

Mitchell said Cavso is offering what new homebuyers want.

“When we saw the designs and things they were wanting to do here we were blown away! This is a breathe of fresh-air for Dallas new home building,” Mitchell said. “By working with world-renowned architects and using eco-friendly design and forward-thinking building techniques, they truly have created an awesome product.”

Solorio said they are building in order to exceed expectations for any given neighborhood.

“If somebody goes to a neighborhood to look for a house, that person already knows what to expect, in terms of size of the house, school, cost of the property, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.,” he said. “For Cavso Homes, ‘affordable’ does not mean expensive or cheap, it means to exceed your expectations when compared to the average cost in a given neighborhood.”

The VT1 G11 residence in Mexico by Carlos Avila Cavlo.

The VT1 G11 residence in Mexico City by Carlos Avila

Exterior of the Pacifica Habitat 135 House in Mexico City. Photo courtesy Carlos Avila Cavso

Exterior of the Pacifica Habitat 135 House in Mexico City. Photo courtesy Carlos Avila

The Cavso Homes website ( will be up and running soon, and Avila is working with Vivo Realty to attract clients. He said the houses, while modern in style, will be “easy going,” with good flow between living spaces.

“All of [the people involved in designing and building our houses] are recognized in their field as a talented, successful professional, and live with passion,” Avila said. “The result is a harmonious, balanced house, where the materials, colors, and architectural style are congruent, with a strong aesthetic, the best cost/quality ratio of the area, and congruency with the neighborhood. We offer an exceptional process of design and construction so what was once only affordable to a few is now reachable by many more.”

Casillas said he and his team are interested in more than just modern architecture.

“It is true that modern homes are our specialty, but we can put all our experience and expertise into the design of a house with a different architectural style,” he said. “We know that everybody is different, but we believe everybody deserves a beautifully designed and built home.”



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