What States Have the Most Unfair Tax Systems? You’ll be Surprised by the Answer

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Wallet Hub did a very interesting analysis when it comes to the various tax systems employed by individual states in the nation. Come to find out, Texas’ tax system, which relies heavily on property taxes to fund our government services, is rated as one of the most unfair tax systems. Of course, after our recent spate of good fortune in the housing market, it’ll be interesting to see how much homeowners are going to end up paying in 2015. And what about all of the capital gains folks are going to have to pay on those record-breaking sales?

Next April is going to hurt, that’s for sure.

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Source: WalletHub

States with Most & Least Fair Tax Systems Artwork 2015

Source: WalletHub

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  • Interesting that people still expect the poorest percent to pay taxes and not get any subsidies as 2.5% (or $400) at $5000 in income a year is the bottom percent. That doesn’t seem fair to me, and it seems in poor form to compare tax rates without those making the least paying negative tax rates. I think they should have explained their methodology better on the low end.