Prices Are Movin’ Further Into The Ciel at Harwood’s Bleu Ciel

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Pretty soon there will be a much larger one of these in the Harwood District, only it's going to cost you more to get inside.
Pretty soon there will be a much larger one of these in the Harwood District, only it’s going to cost you more to get inside.

This morning’s Ebby Alert contained a surprise. Prices at the Bleu Ciel (the next rich, rich, rich highrise in Dallas) are rising right along with construction. So if you’ve been fiddling and diddling about putting a deposit down, it’s gonna cost ya!

Originally the 158 units had starting prices of $700,000 for the smallest 1,373-square-foot units (or $509-per-square-foot). Today that ’07 unit (707 to be exact) on floors 7-27 lists for $805,000 (or $586-per-square-foot). This represents a 15 percent increase … for a property still under construction. No moss growing here!

Other (much, much) larger units have also taken a hike upmarket:

Unit 1501: A 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom stunner combining 1501, 1506 and 1507 with 5,835 square feet of sumptuous indoor space with 1,306 square feet of terrace. It was a bargain at $4.198m but as they say, “when you snooze you lose” and now lists for $4.585m. That’s a 9 percent rise from $719-per-square-foot to $786.

Bleu Ciel Unit 1501

Figure 1: Unit 1501


Unit 2401: This is a straight-up ’01 configuration with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms spread across 2,231 square feet of interior space and 520 square feet of terrace (not to worry, the bathrooms are inside). Its previous price was $1.893m but now rests 9 percent higher at $2.069m or $848-per-square-foot to $927.

Bleu Ciel Unit 2401

Figure 2: Unit 2401


Unit 3004: Part of the “Vista Collection” on floors 28 though 30, unit 3004 combines a “typical” 3004 unit with half of the neighboring 3005 unit. This gives an owner 3,473 square feet of indoor space and (I’m guesstimating here) 1,000-ish square feet of terrace. For all you sleepy heads, the $3.465m sticker price has jumped to $3.795m — that’s a 9 percent bump from $998-per-square-foot to $1,083.

Vista Combo

 Figure 3: Unit 3004


The clear message at Bleu Ciel is to sleep no more. Unless you’re like me and furiously scratching yourself a lap full of grey metallic shavings from all those (so far) stingy, stingy lottery tickets.



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  1. rtizzle says

    what did you mean by “Pretty soon there will be a much larger one of these in the Harwood District”? what have you heard? is The Lexi next?

  2. Jon Anderson says

    Today’s Ebby’s alert contained another surprise. Unit 707, the “cheapest” unit at Bleu Ciel, originally a snip at $700K last summer had meandered to $805K as of yesterday. Not done, I see this morning that it’s jumped again to $879K or a 25-percent increase since Bleu Ciel “opened” less than a year ago! My guess is that all Bleu Ciel units have had a similar rise from original pricing over the past year and that yesterday’s 9% increases are just the latest bump. I’m beginning to pity the 1% and the unending problems wealth saddles one with. If you see one, give them a hug. 🙂

  3. Ashley says

    Wait until you see the pool!! At Harwood, we only design the best and wow these condos are gorgeous!! 🙂 Also, just to let you know, Bleu Ciel means Blue Sky in French.

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