Great Western Featured Realtor: Pam Daniel Can Help Anyone Go Green

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Pam C. Daniel Featured Realtor

With all of the hubbub going on in Travis and Hays County in Central Texas, our state is finally learning the true worth of water. Now that we’ve had day after day after day of rain, and our lakes are rising once again, we have to remember that conservation is key when it comes to accommodating the growth of our region. That’s a gospel that Ebby Halliday Realtor Pam Daniel preaches to classes and clients all over North Texas with her EcoBroker certification and her Master Gardner Chops. If you’ve wanted to learn the ways of rainwater harvesting, having a more energy efficient home, or balked at the idea of xeriscaping, Daniel can show you the ropes.

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Jump to learn more about Pam Daniel and how going green can make a big difference in your home! So, where are you from?

Pam Daniel: I was born in Dallas and am a fifth generation Texan having lived in the DFW my entire adult life.

CD: So, how did you get into real estate? What’s your specialty?

PD: I had been in healthcare for over 20 years, and around the year 2000 I became interested in real estate investment. I purchased and rehabilitated several homes as well as acquired several rental properties. I became so interested in the real estate market that I decided to get my license and start a new career and have not looked back!

I have been providing water conservation presentations for several years and teach about rainwater harvesting. I am a Master Gardener and am certified in rainwater harvesting and have worked with several cities to teach about water conservation and how to make rain barrels. Several years ago I decided to move my passion into my real estate business and became EcoBroker Certified as well as obtaining the GREEN real estate designation. This training has equipped me with expertise on energy and environmental issues that can impact my client’s real estate decisions. Understanding the energy efficiency of a home is very important in today’s market.

CD: How do you stay sharp in a challenging market?

PD: Real estate can be very challenging in many respects and the market is ever changing. This is a field that requires an individual to stay educated on the market and changes in real estate law and practices. Ebby Halliday Companies offers extensive training, which I take advantage of as well as reading real estate journals. I strive to stay informed at all times in our ever changing market.

CD: Where is home for you in Dallas?

PD: I have lived from North Dallas to Ellis County and have now centrally located myself in North Oak Cliff. It is a wonderful area that is rapidly growing and changing. I serve clients all over the Dallas area and this is a good central location for me.

CD: And you drive a … let me guess, Range Rover?

PD: I drive an Acura RDX which is comfortable to tour clients around the DFW area and my 95-pound lab fits great in the back for road trips!

CD: What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

PD: Having lived in Dallas most of my life I enjoy all areas, including Fort Worth. I have family in North Dallas so spend a lot of time there. I am really enjoying seeing the positive changes occurring in Oak Cliff. I worked at Methodist hospital in Oak Cliff for many years when Oak Cliff was not cool and it is great to see the transition!

CD: What was your best/highest sale?

PD: A few years ago I helped a friend find a home on Lake Cypress Springs in East Texas about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Dallas. The word got out and I have since listed and sold several lake front properties at Lake Cypress Springs. I market these beautiful properties to the DFW area in Ebby Halliday’s Grand Vie Luxury in Living magazine, and other web sites and publications. Last year I sold a beautiful property for $2,575,000 at Lake Cypress Springs.

CD: Likewise, what was your most challenging or memorable transaction?

PD: When showing buyers homes, I always discuss the energy efficiency features or lack of features with the buyer. This requires me to climb in attics to assess insulation and ventilation, inspect windows, as well as outdoor irrigation requirements. We perform a quick energy audit that can be challenging at times but well worth it! Some of my most memorable transactions happen when on a listing appointment and discovering all the energy efficient features the home already has! Great for marketing to buyers!

CD: Tell us: What was the most interesting thing to happen to you while working with a client?

PD: There have been so many interesting things happen when working with clients but I find it amazing how often we find such commonalities or friends and family that we each know. It is a small world!

CD: How quickly have you ever turned a house?

PD: In today’s market many homes are selling as soon as the sign is placed in the yard and have had that happen several times this year!

CD: How much did you sell last year?

PD: Consistent multi-million dollar achiever.

CD: What words of wisdom do you often share with clients?

PD: Real estate is usually the most important investment decision a client will make, and I strive to keep my clients goals top priority. I use my gained knowledge to assist my clients in making the best decision possible related to real estate. I of course share the importance of energy efficiency and safety of the homes under consideration. An energy efficient home will save a great deal of money over the life of the home.

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…

PD: Without a doubt it will be teaching water conservation. Water is the most important resource on our planet and with our growing population we must learn to conserve this most valuable resource. To quote Benjamin Franklin “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water”

CD: Do you have a second home? If so, where?

PD: No second home just several rental properties.

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