Great Western Featured Realtor: Katie Hughes is a Hardworking Young Realtor!

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Katie Hughes GW Home Loans Featured Realtor

Katie Hughes is a young go-getter with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, and she’s been in the biz since she was an undergrad at Texas A&M! We do love our Aggies on CandysDirt, and Katie, who is both smart and hardworking, really exemplifies the character you hone after a few great years in Aggieland. She’s both tough, but not without a sense of humor, which reminds us a lot of Jeff Lindigrin of Great Western Home Loans. What has your lender done for you lately? See what you’re missing by calling Great Western Home Loans today.

Now jump to find out more about this brilliant young Realtor! So, where are you from?

Katie Hughes: I was born in Midland, Texas. My family moved to Dallas when I was about 8 years old.

CD: So, how did you get into real estate? What’s your specialty?

KH: Before my senior year of college, I interned with Ginger Nobles and Susan Baldwin. I fell in love with the business – the fast pace, working closely with great people and building relationships, re-envisioning houses as homes, and the whole sales process. I was excited about the Dallas market and very impressed with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s. I decided to get my real estate license that summer. I worked as a licensed assistant for a Realtor in College Station until I graduated from Texas A&M. I was thrilled to be given the chance to join Ginger, Susan, and Fiona Richards as the 4th member of the Nobles Baldwin Group.

I enjoy working with buyers, especially people relocating to Dallas and first time homebuyers. I love to introduce people to all the city has to offer, and I have the patience to guide new buyers through the process. Every deal is different, and I love developing a strategy to make each one work.

CD: How do you stay sharp in a challenging market?

KH: Being part of a strong networking group keeps me ahead of the game for my clients. Also, Briggs Freeman does a fantastic job of keeping us informed of trends, opportunities, and insider tips. Recently, the biggest issue in the Dallas market has been inventory, so it is important to learn what is hitting the market before it becomes available and be ready to act fast.

CD: Where is home for you in Dallas?

KH: I consider Preston Hollow home, which is where I grew up with my parents and two dogs. I now live in the Village.

CD: And you drive a … let me guess, Range Rover?

KH: Actually, I drive a Lexus RX 350. I’m a big fan of Lexus, and it is a comfortable and spacious car for clients.

CD: What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

KH: M Streets and Lakewood are my personal favorites. I love the character of the older houses, many of which have been updated and are like new inside, and others ready for creativity and vision. Both neighborhoods offer good value for younger buyers. I am also spending a lot of time north – Plano, Frisco, McKinney. These are very exciting communities at the moment, and the schools are top notch.

CD: What was your best/highest sale?

KH: My biggest sale was in East Dallas where I brought the buyer and co-represented the seller. That said, I am focused on building relationships rather than size of the deal. That’s the most exciting part of the business.

CD: Likewise, what was your most challenging or memorable transaction?

KH: My first transaction was both memorable and challenging. The client was a first time homebuyer moving with her family (including four young kids) to Dallas from New York. We ran into snags every step of the way but persevered, and the family has happily settled into the perfect home.

CD: Tell us: What was the most interesting thing to happen to you while working with a client?

KH: I was given an incorrect alarm code while showing a townhome in Uptown. I was unable to get in contact with the listing agent so the police showed up. I was pleased we were not hauled off to jail.

CD: How quickly have you ever turned a house?

KH: I recently closed on a home where we received 3 offers within 2 days. We were able to close for more than asking price.

CD: How much did you sell last year?

KH: Last year was my first year to handle transactions. I feel great about what I closed for the year and look forward to growing my business for many years to come! Nobles Baldwin Group in total closed over $48 million, and I am grateful to be a strong contributing player to such an established group.

CD: What words of wisdom do you often share with clients?

KH: From the time I was four years old, my father had me reciting: “Buy low; sell high.” A relevant message as it turns out, but his second motto serves as my practical guide: “Never give up.” Ups and downs are part of the business. I want clients to feel confident I will work through every one of them until, as it inevitably does, it works out. So it’s less about “words of wisdom” and more about an approach to the job.

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll …

KH: I can’t imagine changing careers; my love of people, sales, and homes, makes this one absolutely perfect for me. Now in a future life? CIA. I’d make a great spy.

CD: Do you have a second home? If so, where?

KH: Not yet, but one day I will have a home in southern France!

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