Real Estate Time Travel: To Die For 1956 Kitchen


I am dying over these pics. The San Francisco Globe published these amazing photos of an untouched 1956 PINK kitchen filled with vintage GE appliances that have never been used! The home’s owner, furniture designer Nathan Chandler, bought the home in 2010 and posted the photos on FLICKR to sell the vintage kitchen. It’s unclear why the prior owners had the home essentially sealed. Though it has allegedly sold, I was so tempted to buy a cottage in Briarwood that I’ve had my eyes on and install this kitchen!


Do you love the built-in tissue box holder?! Is that a paper towel built-in as well?


This DARLING hidden pink refrigerator!


And the dishwasher!

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I never thought I would use “precious” to describe an oven.


Don’t forget the adorbs color manual!

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