Is Your 2015 Real Estate Resolution Revamping Your Marketing? Here are Five Hot Tips

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Are you looking to build your real estate business in 2015? Ready to top sales records? We have five hot tips on how you can make the most of 2015!
Are you looking to build your real estate business in 2015? Ready to top sales records? We have five hot tips on how you can make the most of 2015!

If you’re looking to top your 2014 sales and referrals this year, but don’t know where to start, you’re not the only one. A lot of times agents will hire pricey marketing consultants to take an objective look at their materials and campaigns. This can be overwhelming for some Realtors, but the truth of the matter is, marketing your real estate business is critical to success.

We’ve scoured the top sources for real estate professionals and have put together this list of the best ways to make the most of your marketing efforts as you look to make or break sales records in 2015.

1) Revamp Your Website

What is your potential client going to see when they Google you? Make sure that it’s a stylish, professional website with all the right branding. If you’re looking for design ideas that will have sellers and buyers beating down your door, look at these trends in real estate web design from Inman News.

2) Make Your CRM More Effective

If you’re not taking advantage of all the amazing things that top-notch CRM (Customer Relations Management) software can do for you, then it’s about time you did. There are so many options out there, and some software companies give you the option of trying before you buy. Consider moving to a cloud-based, mobile-friendly program if you haven’t already. This article has several choices and breaks down the pros and cons of each complete with demos.

3) Re-tool Your Social Media Accounts

Sure, there are a lot of social media networks out there, but what works best for Realtors? A lot of Realtors use Facebook as a way to market themselves, Twitter as a way to connect with a broad audience, and Instagram as a way to convey personality and market properties. Of course, if you’re looking to network within the industry, you can’t pass up LinkedIn. Katie Lance offers great advice on how to take advantage of social media, and how to level-up on your networks.

4) Get to Know Your Neighbors

Are you looking to boost sales in a specific neighborhood or area? Consider visiting a town hall or neighborhood association meeting. These are great opportunities to get your name out and meet people outside of a traditional business setting. The bonus, too: You get to find out about the issues that are important to the area, which will help you when getting a home ready for the market and when pulling together marketing materials. To find out about when or where your potential clients might be meeting, find and follow their neighborhood association on Facebook.

5) Email Your Favorite Blogger

OK, this one’s a little self-serving, but we love to find out about what’s going on behind the scenes in the real estate world, and there’s no better way to share your successes and get the word out that by getting in touch with your favorite local real estate blog,! Have a cool property? Looking to feature a new agent? Have a client who has a burning question? Email us!


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