Vivo Realty Group Launches New Uptown Office With ‘Mad Men’ Themed Party

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David Maez and his Vivo Uptown team want you to don your best 60s formal attire for a swinging evening of cocktails and real estate.

When David Maez launched Vivo Realty, his vision was a smart, nimble brokerage that could turn on a dime to meet the needs of today’s real estate buyer, who is increasingly drawn to mobile devices and has little patience for long waits. So it was only a matter of time before the firm, which started in West Plano, branched out into Dallas’ hot Uptown market.

“It was important for our company to have a brand presence in such a pivotal location like Uptown,” Maez said. “We weren’t looking for the most expensive or largest space but rather a unique space where agents can come in, use conference room, pick up or drop off signs and plug and play.  We also wanted a space that allowed our agents to take advantage of walking and being in the heart of the city.”
It’s a fantastic location, and one we can’t wait to see at the launch of Vivo Uptown. The brokerage will be hosting a small soiree to kick off the new location from 7 to 10:30 Feb. 5, and attendees are encouraged to slip into pencil skirts, skinny ties, and add a little pomade to their ‘dos for a Mad Men theme. If you’re interested in imbibing in a few cocktails, taking a few fun photos, and learning more about the distinctive Vivo brand, you can RSVP here.
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“To impart some of our unique Vivo culture we will have bicycles in the office for agents or clients to check out and use around town,” Maez said. “We really wanted to show our clients we are apart of the city and what’s happening. Our office backs the Katy Trail so we are excited about utilizing that spring!”
Of course, with an office in super-hot West Plano and a second location in Uptown, it’s interesting to watch yet another growing independent brokerage against a backdrop of an upwardly mobile urban environment like Dallas-Fort Worth. Growth is something the Maez has been focused on, but it’s about more than a numbers game to him. Building a lasting brand that will weather the cyclical nature of real estate, one that brings in a whole new generation of client, is what Vivo is going for.
“If you take the culture of Zappos, and the attention to branding like Apple, you have Vivo. We really want to make real estate sexy again,” Maez said. “In Uptown and surrounding neighborhoods, there’s an importance on good design and marketing and we feel like we can really bring our special blend of real estate to this area.”
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