On Second Shelters: Read Part 2 of Kathryn Roan’s ‘Evolution of Farm Ownership’

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Our sage farm and ranch columnist, Realtor Kathryn Roan, is sharing the story of her search for the most perfect horse property. In this week’s Part 2 in her series, she tells us how she found “The One.” To really understand how emotional and complex (and hilarious!) this process can be, go refresh your memory of “The Itch” with Part 1.  And then read Kathryn’s most recent entry in this journal of the sometimes absurd search for a home on the range on SecondShelters.com.

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I am going to be honest with you. If you don’t drink heavily now, you may start sometime during your property search. For one, it will feel like the perfect property is just out of your reach financially. This happens to everyone, and I mean everyone, no matter the price range. Ok, maybe not those with $10 million to spend, but I don’t know any of those people. (If you do, please direct them to Kathryn@TexasEquestrianProperties.com).

The shopping process can be a beating. You’ll find farms where you love the location, and hate the house. Or you love the house, hate the location, and it doesn’t have a barn. Or you love everything, but it’s on the wrong soil. Inevitably, you’ll find several that look great on paper, only to find out that the only reason it’s in your price range is that it is right next to a rail road track and there’s a decent chance the next door neighbor’s a drug dealer. Most importantly, do not shop way out of your price range. If you cannot afford to buy a Lambo, do not (and I repeat, do not) go test drive a Lambo. Everything else will feel like a 1991 Honda Civic with no doors in comparison. You’ll only set yourself up for disappointment. 

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