Will Incoming Governor Greg Abbott Make Duncanville Hip Again?

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That’s where he went to to high school, and had his entire class down with him in Austin last night. (He grew up in Wichita Falls. )

I happened to have been in Duncanville yesterday afternoon, looking at real estate with Monte Anderson and Daniel Flores. Getting warmed up for the write up — I thought Duncanville was pretty cool. You can get a home here for — are you sitting down? Smelling salts nearby? — $80,000. Go up to $300,000 and you will have a 3000 square foot ranch on a substantial lot. There are trees, topography, a burgeoning cute downtown and a Ben Franklin with a soda counter. Felt warmth there, even though it was pouring rain. They’ve  even turned a church into a dance studio, which gives me hope that the Religious Right hasn’t gone nuts here yet. The community is also pretty diverse but in a natural, organic way.

It’s just comfy. And the fact that this is Abbott’s high school town may give it a huge boost.

There’s also Monte Anderson: more on Duncanville, home high school of our new gov, coming up. Last night I texted Daniel that Abbott went to Duncanville High.

“Yes ma’am,” he texted back. “It’s Duncanville’s turn!”Duncanville 5

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