Shoot2Sell Celebrates 3 Years of Changing The Architecture of Real Estate Photography


Can you believe it’s just been three years since Shoot2Sell began offering affordable, beautiful real estate photography to agents in Texas? I honestly thought this company had been around for much longer. And now, just three years into this company’s existence, Shoot2Sell is the nation’s largest architectural photography company.


Richard-Sharum-300x200We already know that Richard Sharum, founder of Shoot2Sell, has some pretty big opinions on real estate photography. Karen Eubank profiled him during our “Outside the Frame” series, and we have to say that many of his opinions were on-point. And quality, affordable architectural photography has been a game-changer for the real estate market, making amazing images accessible for listings at all price points. It’s also become the measure for competitively priced real estate photography as we know it.

“Our standards for quality have helped raise the standard for both our clients and competitors alike,” Sharum said. “There has always been ‘competitively priced real estate photography,’ it just hasn’t always been good.”

We have to agree, and honestly sometimes we wonder why we still see amateur images on homes that could definitely benefit from an experienced photographer with better equipment. Still, some photographers took advantage of the vacuum surrounding affordable architectural photography, Sharum said.

“For far too long, photography companies took advantage of Realtors by not giving them images that stand the test of time. When Shoot2Sell began, that was our mission from the get go — to raise the standard and force our competitors to do right and raise their own standards,” Sharum said. “Unfortunately, there are still instances of dishonesty out there and we are still fighting against that for the sake of everyone, even those who choose not to use our services.”

That’s a noble goal, but we have to wonder: A company that has grown as fast as Shoot2Sell surely intends on growing beyond its current boundaries, which include North and Central Texas. But will growth impact the things Shoot2Sell promises its clients, like 24-hour guaranteed turnaround and architecturally trained photographers?

“Yes, we plan to expand throughout Texas in the next couple of years, but will hold off nationally until we know we can retain quality,” Sharum said. “We will never become a franchise for this reason alone.”
Good to know that when it comes to real estate photography, quality can still be affordable. Congratulations on 3 years in the business, Shoot2Sell!


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  • mm

    Super duper congratulations!

  • So true. Shoot2Sell changed the entire real estate game here in Dallas. It’s baffling to still see homes marketed at half a million and up, with photographs taken with cell phones and a point and shoot. Call the professionals, and let expertise change your marketing game. Sharum is nothing short of a driven, hard working inspiration.