Advice From Experts: Star Realtor Lydia Player Offers Tips For Revamping Your Marketing Strategy

Lydia 2013

A perennial top-performing agent, Lydia Player offers her wisdom on real estate marketing

As an occasional feature, we’ve asked several high-performing agents about their marketing strategies. We wanted to know what does and doesn’t work for real estate agents in a variety of situations. This time we’re focusing on getting ready for the off-season. We asked star Ebby Halliday Luxury Portfolio agent Lydia Player: “What are the best actions and biggest mistakes agents make when marketing themselves.

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The biggest mistake I see is when agents send out a single mailer that either announces their latest sale or advertises their services. I get these at my own home, and they are such a waste. Just because you sold a home in my zip code – that may happen to be 2 or 3 miles from my home – doesn’t carry any weight at all with a potential seller. Consumers know that homes in our area sell all the time. And a one-time postcard won’t make you memorable to a potential seller.

A better strategy is to find a niche and focus on that market. When you mail an announcement, do it to the folks in your niche. Repetition is the key. They need to be contacted at least 3 or 4 times a year to remember you.

A niche doesn’t have to be geographic or that large. Your niche could be bridge players or oral surgeons or poodle owners. If you are actively working your chosen market on a regular basis, then a couple hundred people is enough to drive your business.

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  • mm

    Lydia is a brilliant marketer and I am so glad she said this. Seeing what you have sold is like the biggest Debbie Downer in the world — honestly, it’s more frustrating than bad sex!