Thursday Three Hundred: Two Peaks and a Pool in Hollywood Heights

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Britt Lopez has done it again. She’s scored an amazing listing in one of East Dallas’ most sought-after neighborhoods. Not only that, this is one of the coolest little storybook Tudors at 710 Monte Vista Dr., with a great front porch and fantastic interiors. It’s also inside the Lakewood Elementary attendance area, a total bonus!




“This home has two potential audiences as far as buyers – first, it would be a great first-time buyer home and is priced right in line with that buyer profile for Hollywood Heights,” Lopez said. “This home has a great floor plan and some terrific original features which will appeal to the buyer that wants a cool Tudor style home.”

Those original features include arched passageways, hardwood floors, a gorgeous fireplace, beautiful stained glass windows and mouldings, and a fantastic front porch. Of course, it does have a typical Tudor three-bedroom, one-bath layout with almost 1,600 square feet. That might be a bit tight for some families.



“The other buyer profile this home fits is the one that actually wants a larger home in the neighborhood,” Lopez added. “Because we are priced at $350k, you could do a complete renovation with an add-on (going up) and make this home somewhere around 2,400-2,800 square feet and the end value would be in the mid to high $500’s.”

But would doing an upstairs addition on a historic property be a challenge?

“This floor plan with the center hall in the bedroom area makes it really easy to go up,” Lopez said, reassuringly. “I have seen numerous homes that started this way and are now the top of the top in the neighborhood after a renovator and architect get ahold of them.”




That’s the key, I guess, is to hire a talented architect to make this home just the right size for your family. I have seen some great Hollywood Heights renovations that include an upstairs master suite, taking advantage of the high peaks in these Tudor homes.

Of course, one spot you absolutely shouldn’t touch is the pool in the backyard, which is very rare for this neighborhood. Not only do you rarely see pools in Hollywood Heights, a historic conservation district, but with a deck like this and that little bit of lawn, it makes the backyard a fantastic little spot to entertain a few neighborhood kids who are driving their parents cray-cray during the long hot summers.

So, what do you think of this great home?




Joanna England

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